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    1. Where can I get the UMKC Graduate Catalog?
      [ The UMKC Graduate Catalog is available OnLine or as a pdf document ]
    2. Which graduate degrees, emphasis areas and certificates does UMKC offer?
      [ Exhaustively detailed listing of all degree programs and emphasis areas offered ]
    3. Can I select a graduate program to ask questions for my area of interest?
      [ Select a program of interest from a list to obtain answers for your choice of degree ]
    4. Can I browse UMKC's graduate programs and define my area of interest?
      [ Refine your choice and see whether we offer the graduate degree you want ]
    5. Is my study a "master's", a "doctoral" or a "professional" program?
      [ Some programs are offered as Masters and as Doctoral degrees ]
    6. Which degrees are 'doctoral' programs and which are 'professional' programs?
      [ Browsing the graduate programs inventory also gives you the answer ]
    7. Where do I find names, contacts and websites for my graduate program?
      [ Useful, succinct list of ALL programs, websites and contact information ]
    8. Do specializations such as 'emphasis areas' exist for my graduate program?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    9. Can Admissions answer my graduate (and other) degree questions? 10. Who can I contact with general admission issues or problems?
      [ List of staff in general admission offices, responsible for the processing of your application ]
    11. Where can I get the official Catalog description for my degree program?
      [ Direct access to the UMKC Graduate Catalog descriptions that apply to you ]
    12. Where can I get other printed information about my graduate degree program?
      [ OnLine degree information sheets, and access to other publications ]
    13. How much will my graduate study cost? What is graduate tuition per credit hour?
      [ Answers from UMKC Cashiers. NOTE: international applicants should visit ISAO FYI ]
    14. How many years will or can my graduate program take?
      [ Some limits to complete degrees by full-time and part-time study ]
    15. Can I do my graduate program part-time and/or as an evening program?
      [ The answer is "No" for many and "Yes" for some programs. Find the answer for your choice ]
    16. Which graduate degree or certificate can I earn OnLine?
      [ Mostly, the answer for now is "None", but . . . ]
    17. Can I be admitted to take graduate courses and not select a degree program?
      [ Admission as a 'post-baccalaureate, non-degree seeking' student, with limitations ]
    18. What is GRIP? Which graduate programs use GRIP?
      [ You are now in the GRIP: Graduate Resources, Information and Programs pages ]
    19. What is required for admission to any graduate study?
      [ Overview of general graduate admission requirements and regulations ]
    20. What are the admission requirements for my program of choice?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    21. What should I know and do as an international applicant to UMKC?
      [ Includes how many $ $ $ you must show in a Bank Statement to demonstrate financial ability ]
    22. How should I apply if I am a Permanent Resident of the USA?
      [ You must have a 'greencard', be a citizen of an US Territory or be recognized as a political refugee ]
    23. Must I first earn a Master's degree before I can start a Ph.D. program?
      [ The answer is "Yes" for some and "No" for other programs. Find the answer for your choice ]
    24. What is my application deadline?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    25. Which application processes can I use or should I use?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    26. Can I use the 'Apply Now!' OnLine application for my program of interest?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    27. How do I apply to any of UMKC's dual degree graduate programs?
      [ List of dual degree graduate programs offered by UMKC ]
    28. How should I apply to more than one degree program at the same time?
      [ Application instructions, fees, and multiple interdisciplinary Ph.D. disciplines ]
    29. What should I do if I need to defer my admission by a semester or more?
      [ Instructions for what is required and recommended, and what it may cost ]
    30. What information is asked in the OnLine Application for graduate programs?
      [ A step-by-step, screen-by-screen overview of the application process in a pdf file ]
    31. Can I do the 'Apply Now!' OnLine application without an accepted credit card?
      [ The general answer is NO but there are some exceptions ]
    32. How much is the application fee? How can I pay it?
      [ OnLine and OffLine options for payment by credit card, check or money order ]
    33. Is the application fee the same for the OnLine and the paper application process?
      [ Yes, the application fee is the same for both processes ]
    34. When is the application fee waived or reduced?
      [ Conditions when a fee is not required and possibilities that may reduce the fee ]
    35. IF my application fee is waived or reduced, can I apply OnLine?
      [ Instructions how to complete the OnLine application without paying the fee ]
    36. What is the advantage being a McNair scholar when applying to UMKC?
      [ What you must do to apply without paying the fee . . . and get accepted ]
    37. Can I apply for graduate study just using paper forms and regular mail?
      [ Reasons why and when a paper application may be the better option or your only choice ]
    38. Where can I get application forms to mail in? 39. Does the OnLine or paper application suffice for admission?
      [ NO, graduate admission requires supplementary information and is not 'automatic' ]
    40. What is GRASP? Which graduate programs use GRASP? Do you have a guide?
      [ Overview of the OnLine GRaduate Application Supplementary Process and pdf guide ]
    41. If I apply Off-Line, can I use GRASP to provide supplementary information OnLine?
      [ Yes, if you know your student ID number and have received an application PIN number ]
    42. Which tests and test scores are required for graduate admission?
      [ Overview of required or recommended tests, exams and credentials ]
    43. Where do I find GRE (Graduate Record Examination) information?
      [ Information about GRE tests, scores, institutional codes, subject tests ]
    44. Must ALL test results be reported? Can I submit expired test results?
      [ Testing agencies report all valid results. Submitting expired test results may be acceptable ]
    45. Is an English Proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS) required for my nationality?
      [ List of countries for which English is an official language and TOEFL/IELTS is not required ]
    46. Are old and 'new' TOEFL formats accepted? Which test should I take?
      [ Information on TOEFL requirement, test scores, TSE, TWE and changes in these tests ]
    47. Where can I find information and required test scores for IELTS?
      [ Information on IELTS, the International English Language Testing System ]
    48. How much financial ability must be shown by international applicants?
      [ Study costs required for student F-1 and exchange student J-1 visa applicants ]
    49. What application materials must be submitted by mail?
      [ Official documents that are required for admission and that must be sent by mail ]
    50. Which mail address should I use for application papers and test results?
      [ Mailing address(es) for transcripts, letters of reference and other application materials ]
    51. Which application materials can I send electronically?
      [ Documents and letters that can be uploaded (faxed) to UMKC ]
    52. Can I fax or email Recommendation Letters, aka Letters of Reference?
      [ Many programs already accept faxed or emailed letters, but mailing is always OK ]
    53. How many course credits can I transfer into my program at UMKC?
      [ General and program-specific information about allowable course and credit transfers ]
    54. Where do I find general information on assistantships, fellowships or Financial Aid?
      [ Do not forget to inquire for assistantships from your chosen program ]
    55. Which programs offer graduate stipends, teaching and research assistantships?
      [ Information on GTA's, GRA's, fee-waivers, free-rides and other financial support ]
    56. Which programs offer fee waivers for (part of) the out-of-state tuition fees?
      [ Doctoral programs and some graduate programs offer out-of-state fee waivers ]
    57. For residents of which states does the Midwest Student Exchange tuition reduction apply?
      [ For residents of KS, NE, MN, MI, ND: read instructions. ]
    58. Who decides whether or not I will be admitted?
      [ Overview of the faculty-driven review and decision process that leads to admission ]
    59. How can I track the status and progress of my application?
      [ OnLine possibilities to check the status of the application process ]
    60. After applying, how can I find out if and when I have been admitted?
      [ See App Status: OnLine option for US applicants (For specific programs: see GRASP or contact the program staff) ]
    61. What does the UMKC campus look like?
      [ Campus map, driving instructions and a campus virtual tour ]
    62. Which possibilities exist to live on-campus?
      [ Oak Street Hall, Cherry Street Hall, University Apartments ]
    63. Where do I go for information on what Kansas City has to offer?
      [ web link to ]
    64. What is the weather in Kansas City?
      [ Weather changes quickly, can be (too) hot or cold, and often is just 'fine' ]
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