Residential Life

Community Spaces


Vending areas are located in the basement and/or various floors throughout each building. There are also lounge areas, recreation areas and study areas. TVs are located in the lounge and recreation areas.

Pianos are located in the practice rooms in the basement area of Johnson Hall.

Two computer labs, located on the first floor of Johnson Hall and on the fourth floor of Oak Street Hall, are open to all residence hall students. They contain computers with access to the UMKC network. The labs are open 24 hours per day. Each hall also has additional computer kiosks in either the main lobby or lounge of the building.

Oak Place has a computer lab on each floor of the facility in either the north or south building. Students have access to these labs 24 hours per day.

The following policies apply when using the computer labs:

  • Documents are to be saved on resident's own CD or jump drive and not on the hard drive. Documents saved on the hard drive will be deleted.
  • Residents will be held responsible for any damage to equipment during their computer time.
  • No food, drink, or smoking allowed in computer center.
  • Screen savers are not to be tampered with at any time.
  • No obscene information or material is allowed on the computers at any time for any reason.
  • Resident must provide own paper for printing purposes.
  • Changing from one computer to another with the same CD or jump drive could spread a virus; therefore, Residential Life is not responsible for any virus infuction.

There are a number of community kitchens throughout the residence halls that can be accessed by checking out a key from the front desk. All residents wishing to check out a key must complete the cooking safety online training. Some cooking utensils are also available for checkout at the front desk.

Other services include checkout items available at each residence hall front desk. These include sports equipment, games and limited cleaning supplies. They may be checked out by leaving your student ID with the attendant on duty at the desk.

Lounges / Community Rooms

Lounges are for the exclusive use of residents and their guests. Lounges are not to be used for group meetings other than those sanctioned by the Residence Hall Council or Residential Life staff. The classroom and lounge schedules for both Oak Street and Johnson Halls are administered by the Residential Life Coordinator. Please contact the Residential Life Coordinator to reserve the lounges or classroom in Oak Street at 235-8719 and in Johnson at 235-8832.

The Community Room in Oak Place is for the exclusive use of residents and their guests. Students using the Community Room may have access to the attached kitchen by contacting the Residential Life Coordinator at 235-5146 and also have access to the outdoor patio. All reservations are made through the Residential Life Coordinator.

In using the above spaces, the following policies apply:

  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed.
  • Do not leave personal items in any of the community spaces. Residential Life is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced items.
  • Use the facility at your own risk. Residential Life is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Handle equipment with care. Do not remove or damage equipment and supplies.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident. No more than two (2) guests per resident are allowed, unless proper authorization (from a Residential Life Coordinator) has been received.
  • Respect others by keeping noise to a minimum and by disposing of trash properly.
  • All community room/lounge hours are determined by Residential Life and will be posted or clarified. Residential Life reserves the right to limit access to all community rooms/lounges at any point.
  • Please report vandalism and unauthorized users.
  • No fighting, dangerous conduct, or noise which disturbs others.

Laundry Room

Coin- and card-operated automatic washers and dryers are located on the lower level of each residence hall and can be used by residents. Residents may use their student IDs in some washers and dryers by loading them with Roo Bucks. Due to the limited number of washers and dryers, non-residents may not use these facilities.

Furniture and Equipment

All common-area furniture and equipment is University property. Removal of such is considered theft and is subject to disciplinary action under the UMKC Residential Life Judicial Procedures, in addition to the general Standard of Conduct for students. Common area furniture found in student rooms will be removed by building staff, and each resident of the room is subject to an administrative fee for each item removed. The fee will be determined by the amount of administrative activity involved with the disposition of the theft and will be no less than $30 per student.

While personally owned furniture (i.e., sofas, chairs, bean bags, etc.) can be brought into student rooms/apartments, it is important to remember that space is limited. No University furniture may be removed from student rooms/apartments to accommodate personally owned furniture.



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