Residential Life

Electrical Appliances and Technology

Electrical Appliances

Because each room is furnished with a MicroFridge unit, additional microwaves and refrigerators are not permitted in the residence halls. Other appliances that may cause a fire or safety hazard may not be used in student rooms. These include: hot-surface appliances such as hot plates, space heaters, immersion coils, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, George Foreman grills and any other cooking appliances. Such items brought into the residence hall will be confiscated and stored during the resident's stay. Questions regarding permitted appliances can be directed to the Residential Life Coordinators.

Coffee makers are allowed in apartment kitchens.

Extension cords and Multiple Plugs

An extension cord must be UL approved, 16 gauge and not exceed an unspliced length of six feet with a polarized plug and a single outlet; it may not be placed under floor coverings or furnishings and may not be secured by penetrating the insulation.

Flammable Items

Items that are flammable, such as fuel and propane gas, may not be stored on the premises, in resident's room or apartment, or any storage area.

Open Flames/Items which Produce Heat

Items which require an open flame to operate or which produce heat (e.g., Bunsen burners, lighted candles, alcohol burners, George Foreman grills) are not allowed.

Satellite Dishes and Antenna

No antenna or satellite dish is permitted.

Musical Instruments, Radios, Televisions, Electronics

Musical instruments and audio/video equipment may be played in your room as long as they do not disturb others. If others are disturbed, the playing of these instruments/equipment must be stopped immediately or turned down and is subject to discipline by the Residential Life Coordinator. Practice rooms are available in the basement of Johnson Hall for vocal and instrumental practice.


There are no landline phones in any rooms or apartments on campus.

If you receive a threatening telephone call, please contact the Residential Life Coordinator, student staff member, or Campus Police at extension 1515.


Student rooms have Ethernet connections for students to access the campus network/Internet for each occupant. UMKC Computing Services is available to work with students to ensure they bring the proper equipment to be compatible with the network. Information about this process is sent in the summer. Please be sure your computer has an Ethernet card and meets minimum specifications outlined by UMKC's RESNET.

Wireless connections are available in each Residential Life complex and throughout campus.


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