Residential Life

Keys and Lockout Policies


In order to ensure that your belongings are secure, you are urged to lock your room at all times. Students that loan their keys or University IDs to anyone are subject to disciplinary action under the UMKC Residential Life Judicial Procedures. It is not permissible for anyone, other than authorized UMKC personnel, to make duplicates of University keys. Residence hall students are given one room key and one mailbox key. Oak Place Apartments students are given one main apartment key, one key to their bedroom, and one mailbox key. Loss of your room, apartment, or mailbox key will result in a service charge to cover the cost of a lock change.

Lockout Policies

In the event of a lockout, proceed to the front desk of your hall where a staff member will be contacted to open up the locked room for a resident of that room only. A UMKC ID or similar ID card must be presented to establish your identity. If your ID card is not available, you will be asked to provide personal information that will be verified against our roster.

You are entitled to one courtesy lockout per semester. On the second, and any subsequent lockout, a $15 fine will be assessed. Lockouts resulting from an emergency evacuation do not count as one of your lockouts. It is our expectation that you take your ID access card with you when you leave the buildings. Your access card is your key to the building, just as your room key is your key to your own room. The $15 lockout fee policy for being locked out of your room includes being locked out of the complexes for forgetting your ID access card. Please be sure that you carry your ID card with you when you leave the building.

Long-term key checkouts are possible with Residential Life Coordinator approval. Initial long-term key checkouts are for a period of three days. The Residential Life Coordinator may grant an extension for extreme circumstances.

In order to provide maximum security and safety for all residents, Residential Life insists on lock changes at the expense of the resident when a key is lost. If a locksmith is contacted during weekend hours, additional charges may occur.


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