Residential Life

Parking and Bicycles


If you own, operate, or have possession of a motor vehicle in the University community, you must register the vehicle with Parking Operations. There is a parking structure adjacent to Oak Street Residence Hall where students may park after obtaining a permit for a nominal fee. All service entrances to the complexes are for emergency vehicles, not for parking. Oak Place Apartments residents may purchase a parking permit for the attached garage through Parking Operations that also serves as a student permit in other lots on campus. Parking is not included in housing rates.


If you want to bring your bicycle to UMKC, there are several options for storage. There are racks located outside near both halls and Oak Place, as well as bike lockers at Johnson Hall. Storage of bicycles inside of the buildings is prohibited. UMKC also has a Clean Commute - Bicycle Checkout program where students may check out bicycles for the entire semester or just one day.


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