Residential Life


Greek organization

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way you can get involved is by participating in the programming provided by the staff and the governments in your hall.


The academic side of college is important, but many students comment that they learn as much out of class as they learn in it! It is our goal to help provide those opportunities for growth outside the classroom. You, your RA or ALA, the hall staff and the various student governments plan programs based on the needs of your community (examples listed below). By providing programming opportunities, we hope that you will become a more well-rounded individual with a variety of interests. Listed below are examples of types of programs in housing facilities.

  • Education/study: study skills workshops, test-taking, time management, library tours/basic information gathering, resume writing.
  • Health: basketball, weight management, sports injuries, bicycling, intramural teams, and self-defense. Other activities include yoga, gourmet cooking, and arts and crafts.
  • Social: dances, movies, pizza parties, trips to sporting events, shopping sprees, and more.
  • Spirituality or service learning: values clarification or understanding other religions, community service.
  • Cultural diversity: understanding different cultures, international issues and exchange, understanding social privilege, racism.
  • Personal/emotional: homesickness, going home after being at college, leadership workshops, obtaining a summer job, surviving as a student, and healthy relationships.

Numerous planned programs and activities take place in the residence halls and apartment communities each academic year. Some programs, which affect most or all of the halls, are planned centrally by staff, student groups, and hall leaders. Such programs include Welcome Week activities, Blood Drive, Safe Break, and Alcohol Awareness Week.

There is always a need for people to become involved in programming and to make suggestions to the programming committees, hall governments, and hall staff. Your assistance in setting up a program, decorating for an event, making a poster, attending an event, or performing other tasks could help turn a suggestion into a rewarding activity. Ask your hall staff or hall government leaders how you can get involved.

Participate in one of our representative student governments

Residence Hall Council

The Residence Hall Council plans hall activities and is the best group to contact with ideas or concerns regarding the halls. Meetings are open to everyone. Whether you are a representative, elected officer, or a concerned resident, your ideas are welcome. Residence Hall Councils are registered student organizations with the Student Organizations and Leadership Development Center.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH works to recognize the achievements of hall leaders. As its name implies, this organization recognizes students who live in the halls and make extraordinary contributions that benefit the entire student housing community. The nomination and screening process for new members is conducted each semester, culminating with an induction ceremony for new members.