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Tape vt010, reels 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 -- Outtakes (35mm)Table of Contents

This tape contains 35mm footage including original film not used in "One Fourth of Humanity" and a good deal of outtakes, film pieces cut out during editing. Some of the outtakes may be as short as a few seconds. There is substantial duplication in this material as outtakes from a scene may be spread through the tape. Most of the 35mm footage appears to be film produced by the Chinese and acquired by Snow for use in his documentary. Also included is the film of the interment of Edgar Snow’s ashes at Beijing University.

tape/time event comment
10/00:00:00 copyright warning  
10/00:00:11 UMKC slate  
10/00:00:24 Edgar Snow reel 43 slate  
10/00:01:20 Beijing ceremony for interment of ES ashes b/w; sound in English
10/00:01:32 Beijing  
10/00:01:40 Beijing University  
10/00:02:21 Lois Snow meets Chou; Sian Snow meets Chou same as 04/00:53:42-04/00:59:34
10/00:07:18 end  
10/00:07:42 China successfully explodes its first atom bomb sound in English -- propaganda
10/00:07:49 bomb explosion October 16, 1964  
10/00:08:24 crowd cheering  
10/00:08:40 mushroom cloud  
10/00:09:00 end  
10/00:09:14 Chairman Mao Tse-tung talks with Edgar Snow no sound
10/00:09:23 Mao and others present  
10/00:09:40 ES and Mao talking  
10/00:10:24 end  
10/00:10:48 Edgar Snow reel 44 slate  
10/00:11:08 Premier Chou En-lai talks with Edgar Snow color; music, ES and Chou’s voice and English voice (translator) imposed over Chou
10/00:11:28 ES and Chou talking  
10/00:16:14 end  
10/00:16:26 fireworks sound
10/00:16:36 dancing at Great Hall of the People’s Theater? -- big production sound in English "Workers of world unite, etc."
10/00:18:39 audience clapping at performance  
10/00:18:55 end  
10/00:19:19 Chinese acrobatic performance with two women throwing porcelain vases, balancing fan, etc. music, clapping
10/00:20:37 outdoor acrobatic performance same music
10/00:20:50 end  
10/00:21:07 Edgar Snow reel 45 slate  
10/00:21:31 ES and Mao shaking hands no sound
10/00:21:45 ES, Mao interview  
10/00:23:29 end  
10/00:23:30 Beijing, December 16, 1964, Chou-Snow interview Chinese documentary; sound; English dubbed over Chou
10/00:23:54 ES and Chou shake hands and sit down  
10/00:26:46 end  
10/00:26:54 Chinese acrobatic girls balancing tables music
10/00:27:46 end  
10/00:27:50 Chinese acrobatic girl balancing parasol  
10/00:29:22 end  
10/00:29:25 acrobatic troupe in countryside same music
10/00:29:53 end  
10/00:29:58 in market buying food no sound
10/00:31:51 end  
10/00:32:19 Edgar Snow reel 46 slate  
10/00:32:36 in market buying food continues from 10/00:29:58
10/00:34:25 Chinese acrobatic performance with two women throwing porcelain vases, balancing fan, etc. continues from 10/00:19:19; sound
10/00:36:42 acrobatic troupe in countryside same music
10/00:37:14 Severed Hand footage sound in English
10/00:41:36 end  
10/00:42:27 Edgar Snow reel 47 slate  
10/00:42:59 Severed Hand footage no sound; sound in English at 10/00:43:10; sound ends 10/00:43:25; returns 10/00:43:43
10/00:48:18 end  
10/00:48:19 fireworks; October 1st, [1960] -- 11th Anniversary Celebration of PRC; evening party  
10/00:48:46 Mao, Liu Shao-qi with foreign guests at party; Chou and other PRC party members; fireworks, dancing sound, English comments
10/00:50:42 Great Hall of the People’s Theater; performance October 2 [1960] -- song and dance pageant "East is Red"  
10/00:52:20 end  
10/00:52:57 Edgar Snow reel 48 slate  
10/00:53:36 acrobatic troupe at outdoor performance sound
10/00:55:53 end  
10/00:55:56 acrobatic troupe at outdoor performance continues 10/00:53:36; sound
10/00:57:56 end  
10/00:58:22 slate: Central Newsreel Documentary of PRC  
10/00:58:46 slate: "A Glorious Festival" National Day 1964 sound
10/00:58:59 slate: credits  
10/01:00:12 end  
10/01:00:57 Edgar Snow reel 49 slate  
10/01:01:20 factory scene sound with English narration
10/01:02:00 factory  
10/01:02:11 factory workers  
10/01:02:59 electron electrostatic accelerator  
10/01:03:42 hydraulic press construction; Chinese workers and engineers  
10/01:04:27 steel production -- iron production, train carrying products  
10/01:05:20 San Men Dam -- workers  
10/01:07:44 Thousand Share Persons commune  
10/01:07:44 Edgar Snow reel 50 slate  
10/01:08:42 ES and Chou interview sound in English; sound ends 10/01:08:24
10/01:15:24 end  
10/01:15:30 Edgar Snow reel 51 slate  
10/01:16:24 slate: Chinese title for Severed Hand, 1963 sound
10/01:17:19 slate: Successfully reattached severed hand; shows credits  
10/01:17:56 prize awarding ceremony for Severed Hand sound with narration in English;
10/01:19:28 story of Severed Hand begins in hospital  
10/01:22:44 end  
10/01:22:55 Edgar Snow reel 52 slate  
10/01:23:41 Severed Hand film continues no sound
10/01:26:38 Chou greeting Severed Hand staff  
10/01:27:14 Chou and PRC Party members talking with Severed Hand doctors; banquet for Severed Hand  
10/01:28:09 end  
10/01:28:36 end of tape slate  

Table of Contents

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