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Diaries / NotebooksTable of Contents

The 1928 - 36 diaries do not contain a ninth volume. They were transcribed by Lois Snow and the originals have been retained by her. The 1960 diaries and notes are also transcriptions. The volume titles were those used by Snow. Note: For published excerpts for the years 1936, 1938 1939, 1942, and 1945, see Random Notes on Red China.

Folder 110. Edgar Snow diary #1 Feb. 26-March 18, 1928: record of trip "S.S. Radnor" to Japan

Folder 111. Edgar Snow diary #1a Sept. 26-ca. Dec. 29, 1930: Taiwan and Foochow

Folder 112. Edgar Snow diary #2 ca. Dec. 31, 1930: "Further Notes on Tamerlane" (Shanghai)

Folder 113. Edgar Snow diary #3 Nov. 23, 1930-Jan. 10, 1931: Haiphung - Yunnanfu (Dr. Rock)

Folder 114. Edgar Snow diary #4 Jan. 11-Feb. 12, 1931: Yunnanfu to Talifu

Folder 115. Edgar Snow diary #5 Feb. 13-22, 1931: "Friday!" and Talifu to Yung Ping

Folder 116. Edgar Snow diary #6 Feb. 23-March 11, 1931: Sha Yang to Burma

Folder 117. Edgar Snow diary #7 March 13-May, 1931: India

Folder 118. Edgar Snow diary #8 April 24-July 11, 1931: India

Folder 119. Edgar Snow diary #10 Jan.-Feb., 1933: Japan, Formosa, Borneo, Java, and Bali

Folder 120. Edgar Snow diary #11 June 1936: Siam to Suchi

Folder 121. Edgar Snow diary #12 July 8-18, 1936: Red zone, Chou En-lai interview, and Long March routes

Folder 122. Edgar Snow diary #13 July 9-26, 1936: Chou En-lai interviews and biographies

Folder 123. Edgar Snow diary #14 July, 1936: Mao Tse-tung interview

Folder 124. Edgar Snow diary #15 further interviews with Mao Tse-tung and Lo Fu

Folder 125. Edgar Snow diary #16 Aug. 16-21, 1936: Ninghsia, interviews, and biographies

Folder 126. Edgar Snow diary #17 Aug. 26-Sept. 20, 1936: Kansu, Ninghsia, Shensi, and biographies

Folder 127. Edgar Snow diary #18 Pao An interviews and biographies

Folder 128. Edgar Snow diary #19 Pao An biographies, Chou En-lai, and Red Army organization table

Folder 129. Diary, 1936, author undetermined
includes an interview with Peng Teh-huai

[Addenda] Folder 1. Diary, 1942, en route (Russia?); 1942, Russia

[Addenda] Folder 2. Diary, 1943, Russia

[Addenda] Folder 3. Diary, 1943, Russia

[Addenda] Folder 4. Diary, 1944, Russia

[Addenda] Folder 5. Diary, 1944-45, Russia; 1945, Russia, Siam, Philadelphia

[Addenda] Folder 6. Diary, 1945, France, Austria, Germany; 1945-46, Philadelphia, Japan

[Addenda] Folder 7. Diary, 1945-46, Japan; 1950, Mexico

Folder 130. Diary #2, Peking, July 9, 1960: National Minorities Institute, Li Commune and School
includes Chinese press releases

Folder 131. Diary #2, Peking, July 9-18, 1960: Peking Hospital, U.S. Imperialism and China, Russians, Humor, Pei Hai Nursery, 2 Dragon Street Commune, Institute of Venerology and Skin Diseases and Agricultural Exhibit
includes comments of Dr. William Chen, senior surgeon in the U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, regarding Chinese health care and article written by him, "Medicine and Public Health", undated, and article, "Chinese Fast Growing Tree Cover"

Folder 132. Book #3, Harbin, (X, North Manchuria and XI, Changchun) July 25-30, 1960: Changchun Film Studio, Changchun Auto Works, Changchun Carriage Company, Tailing Timber Station, Commune Ball Bearing Satellite and Harbin Electric State Meter Factory
includes Chinese press releases

Folder 133. Book #4, Harbin July 25-26, 1960: Agricultural College of the Northeast and Shang Fang Commune

[Addenda] Folder 8. Diary, 1960, China; 1966, China

Folder 134. Edgar Snow notebook #1 Aug. 26-Sept. 2, 1970: Peking: 7th Locomotive and Tsing Hua University

Folder 135. Edgar Snow notebook #2a Sept., 1970: Willow Grove Commune

Folder 136. Edgar Snow notebook #2b Sept. 9-20, 1970: Yellow Ridge Commune, Sianfu, notes about Sian, Shuang Wang People’s Commune, Yenan and vicinity, and Willow Grove Commune

Folder 137. Edgar Snow notebook #3 Sept. 21-24, 1970: Sian, Yenan, Naniwan, Pao An, Sian and No. 1 Textile Mill in Hsien Yang

Folder 138. Edgar Snow notebook #3a Oct. 29, 1970

Folder 139. Edgar Snow notebook #3b Sian store, Ming tombs, Ming law and subversives, and Yellow Ridge;
notebook #4 Oct. 5-12, 1970: Peking: Pei Ta, First Middle School, and Fan-Shu Hospital

Folder 140. Edgar Snow notebook #5 Oct. 20-23, 1970: Hsi Sha Shih Yu Brigade and Hsi P’u Communes;
notebook #6 Oct. 29-Nov. 5, 1970: Shenyang and Anyang cable man

Folder 141. Edgar Snow notebook #7 Nov. 19-20, 1970: Canton, Foshan County;
notebook #7a: Anyang industry and notes written on train to Mukden;
notebook #8 Nov. 21-28, 1970: Shanghai: Ma Chiao Commune, machine tools plant, Hsu Ching-hsien interview, and Shanghai Motor Mfg. Co.

Folder 142. Edgar Snow notebook #8a Nov. 20, 1970: Shanghai Ballet School;
notebook #9 Nov. 26-Dec. 3, 1970: Hangchow and Nanking: Hsin An Chang Power Plant, silk weaving plant, Mei Chia-Weu Tea Commune Brigade, interview with R. C., and Nanking misc. notes;
notebook #10 Dec. 3, 1970: industry: Nanking Chemical Fiber Factory

Folder 143. Edgar Snow notebook Peking, 1970;
notebook Peking miscellaneous, 1970;
notebook containing interview questions

Folder 144. Edgar Snow journal for practicing Chinese characters

NotesTable of Contents

This section contains notes, handwritten and typed, Snow made while traveling which record his general impressions of events, places, and individuals. They include notes on his interviews, manuscript outlines, and ideas for new articles and books.

Folder 145. Notes, 1930-33: Red military strategy and ideas for articles, 1930; ideas for articles, 1932-33

Folder 146. Notes, 1936: Sun Li interview, villages, brigades, ideas and outlines for articles, present Soviet territories, Red financial policy, and impressions of the Front
includes articles by other authors concerning battles, territories and their ethnic occupants passed during the long expedition, Red brigades, and tables and articles in Chinese concerning Red Army divisions

Folder 147. Notes, 1939 - 40’s: Chiang Kai-shek and Chungking, 1939; Outer Mongolia and notes for the article "Showdown in the Pacific", 1942-43; ideas for articles and the international situation, 1940’s

Folder 148. Notes, Peking, (VII): July 21, 1960: Peking Prison, and Peking Reform School

Folder 149. Notes, Education and Youth, (IX), August 26, 1960: Interview with Vice Minister, Tsui Chung Yuan, Iron and Steel Institute, Labor and Education
includes article "Young Scouts Probe Nature’s Secrets", and Chinese press releases

Folder 150. Notes, Dairin, (XII), September 3-8, 1960: Trip to Pao t’ou, Inner Mongolia, White Jade Mine Commune, State Farm Lumber Industry, and Dairies
includes article "Some Soviet Studies on Siberia and Mongolia"

Folder 151. Notes, Yenan, (VI, Communes) September 18, 1960: Willow Grove Commune, Sian, Sian Museum and Shenpei University
includes letter fragment, article "Commune Dining Hall" and Chinese press releases

Folder 152. Notes, Shanghai, (1960): Food, Rations, Industry, Mayor of Shanghai interview, Horse Ridge Commune, religion, and San Men Hsia
includes Chinese press releases

Folder 153. Notes, (1960): Communes, Co-ops, Working Hours, and Birth Control

Folder 154. Notes, 1960: suggestions for the Snow program, Mao Tse-tung interview, and conversations with "old students"
includes book chapter, "The Next Generation"

Folder 155. Notes, 1960: unfinished chapter concerning communes and workers

Folder 156. Notes, 1964: Peking, communes, and industry

Folder 157. Notes, 1965-68: Mao Tse-tung, ideas and outlines for articles
includes clippings about Mao Tse-tung, notes for "South of the Mountains, North of The Seas: Talks with Mao Tse-tung", a proposed book, and a 1939 conversation between Mao Tse-tung and the reporters of the Central News Agency

Folder 158. Notes, 1969: places to visit in Peking, Chou En-lai interview, and U.S. - Vietnam situation

Folder 159. Notes, 1970’s: Fan Sui Hospital, Shou Tu Iron and Steel Company, Locomotive and Rolling Stock Plant, Tsinghua University
includes interviews with members of the former, notes for Mao obituary, and Mao Tse-tung quotes

Folder 160. Notes, undated: art, politics, ideas for articles, Marxism, agriculture, Mao Tse-tung, and Indusco
includes Edgar Snow library list

SpeechesTable of Contents

For more information regarding speeches and lectures see the section, "Articles about Edgar Snow".

Folder 161. Lecture (at Yenching University) Feb. 2, 1934, "The Magazine Article"

Folder 162. Lecture (at Yenching University) Apr. 12, 1934, "The Magazine Article"

Folder 163. Flyer for William Feakins, Inc. Lecture Series at Yenching University 1934

Folder 164. Speech 1934, "Facism" given before the faculty of Yenching University

Folder 165. Speech 1936 given before the Monday Club

Folder 166. Speech 1937
read before the Men’s Forum of the Peking Union Church, "Reds and Northwest, A Visitor to Communist Areas Tells His First Hand Observations", subsequently published in the Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury in three parts, Feb. 3-5, 1937

Folder 167. Speech ca. 1939, "The Battle In Asia"

Folder 168. Speech 1941, "China, America, and the World War" and undated speech, "China and the World Crisis"

Folder 169. Speech program 1943, "The Canadian - Soviet Friendship Congress of Thanksgiving to Our Ally, The Red Army," Edgar Snow, speaker

Folder 170. Remarks July 11, 1949, given at the Friendship Cargo for China dinner, "I Heard the Chinese People"

Folder 171. Speech ca. 1955, "China And Its Impact on Us"

Folder 172. Speech program Feb. 21-23, 1957, Institute of World Affairs, State College of Washington, Snow spoke at conference

Folder 173. Speech ca. 1950’s, "Recognition of The Chinese People’s Republic"

Folder 174. Speech (lecture paper) Oct. 26, 1966, "China in 1966 - And 1986?"

Folder 175. Speech undated, a message sent to the National Conference on the United States and China

Folder 176. Speeches and notes, untitled and undated

Folder 177. Index Cards, miscellaneous notes for speeches, undated

InterviewsTable of Contents

The following folders contain two subsections of interviews, both arranged chronologically. The initial section is comprised of interviews conducted by Snow throughout the course of his career. Some folders include notes, research materials and copy for resulting articles. The latter is comprised of interviews given by Snow.

Interviews conducted by Snow

Folder 178. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1936, Pao An

Folder 179. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1936
includes "The Chinese Communists and World Affairs" and "My life: by Mao Tse-tung"

Folder 180. Interview with Minister Chen Li-fu, Hankow, July 26, 1938

Folder 181. Interview with General Han Ying, Hankow, Aug. 3, 1938
includes Edgar Snow manuscript, "The Iron Commander and His Command" and questions with Dr. Franklin Ho, Vice Minister of Economics, Chungking, Aug. 10, 1939

Folder 182. Interview with General Chiang Ting-wen, Sianfu, Sept. 9, 1939

Folder 183. Questions for Mao Tse-tung, Yenan, Sept. 25, 1939

Folder 184. Interviews with General Chen Ch’eng, Wuchang, July 16, ca. 1930’s and General Chang Chun, Chungking, Aug. 11, ca. 1930’s

Folder 185. Interview with Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, Aug. 12, 1943

Folder 186. Interview with Sekiguchie, a Japanese landlord, March 1, 1946
includes notes on the Japanese village of Sakuyama

Folder 187. "Notes on Mr. Edgar Snow’s Interview with Premier Chou En-lai", Aug. 30, 1960
includes notes on Chou En-lai interview, Oct. 18, 1960, and related correspondence

Folder 188. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1960-61
includes "Meeting with Mao Tse-tung", Oct. 22, 1960, "Reunion with Mao Tse-tung", notes, and related correspondence

Folder 189. Chou En-lai interviews, 1964
includes "French Recognition: a Political Atom Bomb", "An African Interview with Chou En-lai", "Premier Chou En-lai Talks with Edgar Snow", "Interviews with Chou En-lai", questions, and notes

Folder 190. Chou En-lai interviews, 1964 (cont.)

Folder 191. Interviews, 1964
includes interviews with Marshal Ch’en Yi, Wang Ping-nan, and notes on various interviews

Folder 192. Chou En-lai interview, 1965

Folder 193. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1965
includes Mao Tse-tung interview, 1936; sections of 1939 interviews; "Record of Dialogue between Mao Tse-tung and Edgar Snow"; sections from manuscript, "South of the Mountains, North of the Seas"; and notes

Folder 194. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1965 (cont.)

Folder 195. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1965 (cont.)

Folder 196. Mao Tse-tung interviews, 1965
includes manuscripts "Mao Tse-tung on the United Front", 1939; "Mao Tse-tung"; and "Who Is Mao Tse-tung"

Folder 197. Mao Tse-tung interview, 1970
includes notes

Folder 198. Interviews, 1970: with workers at the Sian Cereal Store #9, Sept. 26; with teachers at Peking #31 Middle School, Oct. 8; with Samdech Norodom Sihanouk, Oct. 26; with Prince Sihanouk, Dec. 14
includes notes

Folder 199. Chou En-lai interview, 1970
includes lists of interview topics and questions

Folder 200. Mao Tse-tung interview, 1971

Folder 201. Chou En-lai interview, 1971
includes a section of the manuscript "South of the Mountains, North of The Seas", entitled "III. Mao Tse-tung and The High Cost of Living"; Edgar Snow’s article from The New Republic; " The Open Door"; Thomas W. Robinson’s article "Chou En-lai’s Political Style: Comparisons With Mao Tse-tung and Lin Piao"; and research materials

Folder 202. Interviews, undated: with pastor Chao Fu-san; with Chu Yin-kang, director of the Hu Tung Worker’s Culture Palace, Shanghai; and with Pu Yi
includes interview fragments and notes

Interviews given by Snow

Additional interviews with and quotes by Snow may be found in the section of articles about Edgar Snow.

Folder 203. "Interview de M. Edgar Snow et reponses aux questions posees par les auditeurs" Jan. 25, 1967

Folder 204. Interview with Edgar Snow, 1971

Folder 205. Interviews with Edgar Snow, undated

Edgar Snow Manuscripts: ArticlesTable of Contents

This section also contains telecables and news releases from which newspaper articles were published.

Folder 206. "Marines At Peace", Feb. 12, 1930

Folder 207. "The Japan-Ization of Formosa", Oct. 2, 1930
includes the printed article from China Weekly Review Nov. 1, 1930

Folder 208. "Formosa, The Island of Monopolies", Oct. 9, 1930
includes the printed article from China Weekly Review Oct. 25, 1930

Folder 209. "Communist Strength in China", 1930
includes research material

Folder 210. Untitled article, [about Mme. Sun Yat-sen], Sept. 12, 1932

Folder 211. "Mme. Sun Yat-sen, Leader of China’s Youth", April 27, 1933

Folder 212. Article fragment, [about opium in China], ca. 1933

Folder 213. "Celestial Chopsticks", Sept. 15, 1934

Folder 214. "Chinese Modern Postal Service Present and Future", Nov. 15, 1934

Folder 215. "The Economic Collapse of China", Feb. 27, 1935

Folder 216. "Empire in Manchuria", Oct. 29, 1935

Folder 217. "Paradise Achieved", Nov. 3, 1935

Folder 218. "Students Demonstrate in Peaceful but Powerful Manner", Dec. 1935

Folder 219. "Censored Thought in China", 1935

Folder 220. "The Dynamics of Japanese Conquest", Feb. 27, 1936 and April 15, 1936

Folder 221. "The Coming Conflict in The Orient", March 15, 1936
includes the printed article in the Saturday Evening Post June 6, 1936

Folder 222. "The Re-marriage of the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communists", Jan. 3, 1937

Folder 223. "I. Japan’s Phantom Enemy" and "II. ‘Red’ Greetings to Nippon", 1937

Folder 224. Daily news releases 1937

Folder 225. "China’s Fighting Generalissmo", ca. 1937

Folder 226. "Communism in China", ca. 1937

Folder 227. "Little Filipino, What Now?", Dec. 20, 1938

Folder 228. Daily news releases ca. 1938

Folder 229. Telecables and news releases 1935-38
includes notes

Folder 230. "Britain’s Falling Ramparts in Asia", April 16, 1939
includes notes

Folder 231. "Soviet Entrenchment in China", Oct. 11, 1939

Folder 232. Untitled article, Oct. 11, 1939

Folder 233. "The Anatomy of an Illusion--China’s Counter Offensive", Oct. 28, 1939

Folder 234. "China’s Precarious Unity", Nov. 1, 1939

Folder 235. "Will Stalin Sell Out China", Dec. 12, 1939

Folder 236. "Indusco Pioneers the Northwest", Dec. 23, 1939

Folder 237. "Guerrilla China", 1939

Folder 238. "War and Change in China", ca. 1939

Folder 239. "China’s Flying Freighters", ca. 1939

Folder 240. "I Went to Red China", ca. 1939

Folder 241. "China’s New Industrial Army", ca. 1939

Folder 242. "China’s Guerrilla Industry", ca. 1939-40

Folder 243. "Chamberlain Rides in the Orient", July 17, 1940

Folder 244. News release and telecables 1939-40

Folder 245. "Toward A Far Eastern Munich?", ca. 1940

Folder 246. "‘Peace’ For China?", ca. 1940

Folder 247. "Conversation in Hong Kong", ca. 1940

Folder 248. "Rewi Alley of China, He Picks Up the Pieces", ca. 1940 and "Rewi Alley of China", Nov. 28, 1940
includes correspondence and photo outline

Folder 249. "Plans for Study", ca. 1940

Folder 250. "Showdown in the Pacific", April 18, 1941
includes the printed article from the Saturday Evening Post May 31, 1941

Folder 251. "Guerrilla Tactics in Soviet Defense", July 9, 1941
includes the printed article in The American Review on The Soviet Union Oct.-Nov. 1941 and notes

Folder 252. "Asia in the Fight Against Fascism", Oct. 18, 1941

Folder 253. "Tooling Up the Army’s Morale", ca. 1941

Folder 254. "Is Bombing Conquering Germany?", Sept. 2, 1943

Folder 255. "Wooing Wily India", Oct. 16, 1943

Folder 256. "Russia After Hitler", 1943

Folder 257. Introduction to Village in August 1943 by T’ien Chun

Folder 258. "The Reconquest of Burma", Nov. 9, 1944

Folder 259. Notes and reflections on Clark-Kerr, Churchill, and Harriman ca. 1944

Folder 260. "Return to East Asia", Jan. 11, 1945

Folder 261. "The Supple Lord of Inverchapel", ca. 1946
includes correspondence and notes

Folder 262. "Inside Our Russian Mission", Oct. 6, 1947

Folder 263. "And So To Italy", Oct. 6, 1947

Folder 264. "India in the Storm of Transition", Jan. 24, 1948

Folder 265. "Sunrise in Burma", Feb. 17, 1948

Folder 266. "Why I Am For Wallace", Feb. 24, 1948

Folder 267. Book review of China, The Land, and The People by Gerald F. Winfield Dec. 11, 1948

Folder 268. "The World On Eighteen Acres", or "The Little City of All Nations", Jan. 28, 1949 and Feb. 15, 1950

Folder 269. "The Riddle of Communist China", Feb. 1, 1949

Folder 270. Book review of Russia’s Race for Asia by George Creel March 10, 1949

Folder 271. "Flagstaff, Arizona", June 24, 1949

Folder 272. Book review of The Chinese Conquer China by Anna Louise Strong Oct. 27, 1949

Folder 273. "Mao, Moscow, and Manchuria", Dec. 29, 1949

Folder 274. "How Hot Are Our Cold Warriors?", ca. 1949

Folder 275. "Young Filipinos, Wake Up!" [article fragment], ca. 1940’s

Folder 276. "How America Can Take the Offensive", ca. 1940’s
includes notes

Folder 277. "Return to Burma", ca. 1940’s

Folder 278. "Soviet-American Cooperation", ca. 1940’s

Folder 279. "Stalingrad--A Year Later", ca. 1940’s

Folder 280. "Civil War in China?", ca. 1940’s

Folder 281. Saturday Evening Post daily news releases ca. 1940’s

Folder 282. "Indonesia versus Japan’s Aggression", ca. 1940’s
includes research material

Folder 283. Untitled article, [about Japanese aggression], ca. 1940’s

Folder 284. "New Forces in Asia", ca. 1940’s

Folder 285. "How’s Your Morale, Buddy?", ca. 1940’s

Folder 286. Daily news releases ca. 1940’s

Folder 287. "Mexico City", Nov. 9, 1950

Folder 288. "Malenkov, The Kremlin’s Jet-Propelled Man", March 14, 1952

Folder 289. "Acapulco", March 14, 1952

Folder 290. "McCarthyism: Its Death Grip on the Republican Party", June 1954

Folder 291. Book review of Flying Tiger: Chennault of China by Robert Lee Scott Feb. 19, 1959

Folder 292. "Return to the Beginning", Nov. 1959

Folder 293. "Recognition of the Chinese People’s Republic", ca. 1959

Folder 294. "China and A New Era of U.S. Foreign Policy, Is It Time For Recognition?", ca. 1959

Folder 295. "Japan: Great Power Sans Power", ca. 1959 - 60

Folder 296. DELETED.  See Folder 235

Folder 297. "Free China", ca. 1950’s

Folder 298. Untitled article fragment, [about the war’s effect on Russia], ca. 1950’s

Folder 299. "War and Change in China", ca. 1950’s

Folder 300. Book review of Dragon’s Seed by Robert S. Elegant ca. 1950’s

Folder 301. "Indian Journal", Jan. 27, 1960

Folder 302. "George Hatem", ca. 1960

Folder 303. Book review of World Power and Shifting Climates by Dr. C. A. Miller Sept. 5, 1963

Folder 304. "Far East and Near West - 1964", or "The New Political Scissors: East - West in 1964", Nov. 4, 1963

Folder 305. "When France Recognizes China", ca. 1963
includes notes

Folder 306. "War and Peace in Vietnam", Jan., 1964
includes research material

Folder 307. "French Recognition: A Political Atomic Bomb", Feb., 1964

Folder 308. "Mao’s Beachhead in The United States", June 21, 1964

Folder 309. Book review of The United States and the Far Eastern Crisis of 1933-38 by Dorothy Borg, 1964 and book review of The Timely Rain by S and R Gelder, 1964

Folder 310. Untitled article for Le Nouveau Candide, [Mao Tse-tung interview and comments on China-Vietnam relations], Feb. 16, 1965

Folder 311. "If China Intervenes in North Vietnam", Feb. 17, 1965

Folder 312. "Is Peace Still Possible?", May 22, 1965

Folder 313. "Vietnam: The Nature of the Trap", Aug. 5, 1965

Folder 314. "Vietnam: A Christmas Message", Dec. 13, 1965

Folder 315. "Dialogue in 1965", ca. 1965
includes notes and research material

Folder 316. "China in Our Future", May 1966

Folder 317. "China and Vietnam", July 30, 1966
includes ca. 1966 revision entitled "The United States at War with China?"

Folder 318. "Lin Piao, The Helmsman’s First Mate", Sept. 20, 1966
includes research material and notes

Folder 319. "Lin Piao, The Helmsman’s First Mate", continued

Folder 320. "Dolce Vita and the Youthful Heirs of Mao Tse-tung", ca. 1966

Folder 321. "An Alternative to War With China?", ca. 1966-67

Folder 322. "Parkingson’s Law on Bombing", Jan. 21, 1967

Folder 323. "Who Is Mao Tse-tung?", ca. 1968

Folder 324. "Mao and the New Mandate", April 17, 1969
includes the printed article in The New Republic May 10, 1969 and notes

Folder 325. "Mao Tse-tung, From Red Bandit to Red God", Sept. 12, 1969

Folder 326. Preface, "Explorations and Revisions by a New Generation", to China and Ourselves Sept. 22, 1969

Folder 327. Forward to Away with all Pests, an English Surgeon in China 1954-69 by Dr. Joshua Horn, 1969

Folder 328. "A Way Out in Asia?" [article fragment], ca. 1960’s

Folder 329. "China--And War and Peace", ca. 1960’s

Folder 330. "United States, China, and Vietnam, Is Peace Still Possible?", ca. 1960’s

Folder 331. "Too Many Chinese? The Chinese Agree!", ca. 1960’s

Folder 332. "From Cold War to Civilized Peace?", ca. 1960’s

Folder 333. "The Challenge of China", ca. 1960’s

Folder 334. "Chou En-lai", ca. 1960’s
includes notes

Folder 335. "Mao Tse-tung", June 17, 1970
includes notes

Folder 336. "After Paris", ca. 1970’s

Folder 337. Untitled article, [about Nixon’s visit to China], ca. 1971
includes research material

Folder 338. "Nixon’s Reach For the Forbidden City", ca. 1971

Folder 339. "China’s 70,000 Communes", ca. 1970’s
includes research material and article by Rewi Alley

Folder 340. "Siam’s Hidden Army" and "Siam in Mid-Air", undated
includes research material

Folder 341. "China’s Number One White Coolie", undated

Folder 342. DELETED. See Folder 245

Folder 343. "China’s Christian Generalissimo", undated

Folder 344. "Art and Revolution In China", undated
includes notes

Folder 345. "China Views The United States", undated
includes notes

Folder 346. "How People Live in China", article fragment, undated
includes notes

Folder 347. "My Impression of Nanking", undated
includes 1948 article fragment on Nanking

Folder 348. Telecables undated

Folder 349. Undated article fragments and undated news release article

Folder 350. Edgar Snow poems: "Igorot Mutation" and "Quest", undated; Poem composed for Sian at her age of 15, ca. 1965; "Hymn to Mamifers Proboscidiens", ca. 1960’s

Article Related CorrespondenceTable of Contents

Most correspondence relating to articles may be found in the general correspondence section.

Folder 351. Lists of Edgar Snow articles and photo lists for various magazines 1936, undated

Folder 352. Correspondence 1970
mostly with Robert Mills, literary agent. Includes some discussion of Snow’s visa for trip to China and possible books

Folder 353. Correspondence 1971
Robert Mills and discussion of interview with Chou En-lai

Folder 354. Article list for EPOCA., an Italian magazine, ca. 1965

ScrapbooksTable of Contents

Scrapbooks are composed of news clippings and articles written by Snow.  These volumes have been microfilmed.

Folder 355. Scrapbook #1, 1928-32

Folder 356. Scrapbook #2, 1928-33

Folder 357. Scrapbook #3, 1931

Folder 358. Scrapbook #4, 1933-34

Newspaper Clippings and Magazine ArticlesTable of Contents

This section also includes clippings of book reviews written by Edgar Snow.

Folder 359. Clippings and articles 1928

Folder 360. Clippings and articles 1929

Folder 361. Clippings and articles 1930

Folder 362. Clippings and articles 1931

Folder 363. Clippings and articles 1932

Folder 364. Clippings and articles 1933

Folder 365. Clippings and articles 1934

Folder 366. Clippings and articles 1935

Folder 367. Clippings and articles 1936

Folder 368. Clippings and articles 1937

Folder 369. democracy 1937

Folder 370. Clippings and articles 1938-39

Folder 371. Clippings and articles 1940

Folder 372. Clippings and articles 1941

Folder 373. Clippings and articles 1942-49

Folder 374. Clippings and articles 1950-55

Folder 375. Clippings and articles 1956-59

Folder 376. Clippings and articles 1961-65

Folder 377. Clippings and articles 1966-69

Folder 378. Clippings and articles 1971, undated

[Addenda] Clippings and articles - oversize

Series reported in Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury regarding Snow's visit to the Red Army in the Northwest.

Part I: January 20, 1937
"Newman visits Chou at Shensi Red Stronghold" by Edgar Snow (with photos)

Part II: February 3, 1937
"Reds and Northwest:  A visitor to Communist areas tells his first-hand observations" by Edgar Snow (with photos)

Part III: February 4, 1937
"Reds and Northwest:  A visitor to Communist areas tells his first-hand observations" by Edgar Snow (with photos)

Part IV: February 5, 1937
"Reds and Northwest:  A visitor to Communist areas tells his first-hand observations" by Edgar Snow

Various articles dated 1929-1932 in the following newspapers

Kansas City Journal
Kansas City Post
New York Sun
New York Herald-Tribune

[Addenda] Box 1

This material consists of magazines containing articles written by Snow.

Advertising and Selling, May 1, 1929

The American Mercury, August 1930

Asia, October 1930; October 1931; January 1936

The Literary Digest, March 7, 1931

democracy, April 15, 1937; June 8, 1937; July 8, 1937; July 15, 1937

[Addenda] Box 2

The New Republic, August 4, 1937; August 11, 1937; August 18, 1938; January 8, 1940; May 10, 1969; September 20, 1970; May 1, 1971; March 10, 1971; March 27, 1971; September 10, 1971

Asia, September 1937; October 1937; May 1939, June, 1939; September 1939, October 1939, September 1940, October 1940; November 1940; January 1941

The Nation, January 28, 1950; October 29, 1955

Newsweek, February 22, 1965

The China Weekly Review, July 20, 1929; October 12, 1929; November 30, 1929; December 7, 1929; December 14, 1929; January 25, 1930; July 18, 1931, August 1, 1931; August 22, 1931; September 19, 1931; march 2, 1932 (article only)

The Saturday Review of Literature, January 1, 1938 (cover only) -- "Smash Hitler's International?  The Political Battle for Asia"

Time, September 20, 1976

[Addenda] Oversize Box

Harper's Bazaar, 1928

Life, July 30, 1971

The Saturday Evening Post, February 8, 1941; May 31, 1941; September 1, 1941; October 25, 1941; November 15, 1941, February 21, 1942; August 1, 1942; July 4, 1942;   August 8, 1942; September 12, 1942; October 24, 1942; March 10, 1945; March 24, 1945; February 15, 1947; October 4, 1947; May 12, 1951; August 4, 1951; October 20, 1951; March 24, 1954

Look, January 31, 1961

Table of Contents

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