Visitor Information
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Optional Visitor Information

In an effort to better serve our student population and design programming that is more inclusive and remain compliant with federal, state, local and several granting organizations, please indicate your ethnic background:

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    American Indian/Alaska Native
    Asian (includes Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Asian Indian or Thai)
    Asian (underrepresented)
    Black/African American
    Hispanics of any race
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Academic Information

    Would you like to meet with an academic unit? Yes No


    Academic Advisors do not read transcripts for credit evaluation.

    The School of Medicine meets with prospective 6-year BA/MD students on Mondays and Fridays at 2:00pm. If you are interested in meeting with the School of Medicine during your visit to UMKC, please schedule your Monday or Friday Admissions Appointment at 11:30am. Alternatively, BA/MD campus visit days are available, click here.

    The School of Nursing holds information sessions with prospective nursing students twice a month. For available dates and times, please visit the School of Nursing website



Visit Information

    Please indicate the date that you would like to visit campus. Please choose a date that is at least a week from the current date. We will try to schedule your visit on this date, but if that is not possible we will call you to find out alternate dates.

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    Weekday visits for first time college students are from 9:00am-10:45am and 11:00am-12:45pm.

    Weekday visit for transfer students are 1:00pm-2:45pm.


    Weekday visits include a meeting with a staff member from the Office of Admissions and a student ambassador lead campus tour.

    If you would like to schedule an academic appointment, please indicate so in the academic information section. It is NOT automatically included in weekday visits.


    Please note: If you indicate you would like an academic appointment, your arrival time may be earlier than the scheduled weekday visit.

    If you'd like to schedule an appointment with athletics, please contact our coaches directly.


    Additional Comments:


    Have a question? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still have questions, please email us or call us at 816-235-UMKC (8652).

    Thank you for your interest! We look forward to having you visit UMKC!


We are excited you are interested in visiting UMKC! On your visit, you will have the opportunity to tour the campus with a student ambassador, meet with a staff member in the Office of Admissions, as well as meet with your academic area of interest by request. If you are taking the campus tour and meeting with an admissions staff member, please allow 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete your visit. All daily visits are held Monday-Friday unless otherwise noted below.

A standard weekday visit is composed of a meeting with a member of the Office of Admissions and touring the campus with a student ambassador. If you are interested in an academic appointment, please schedule your visit at least one week in advance so that we can make accommodations. Academic appointments can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the particular academic area of interest.