Coaching Program

Bloch Scholars' Resources

Bloch Scholars are provided with resources at UMKC to assist them in their success.
For additional information regarding these resources, contact the Coaching Program at or call 816-235-6709.



Bloch Scholars have access to tutoring services through the Coaching Program. If one of ASM's Peer Coaches is not able to assist Scholars, the ASM office will work with the department to hire a tutor. If Scholars need tutoring assistance in one or more of their classes, e-mail the following information to

  • Your name
  • Your phone
  • Your E-mail
  • Course requested
  • Reasons for request
  • Instructor's name


Additional Academic Funds

Each semester, Bloch Scholars are allocated funds for additional academic pursuits. If Bloch Scholars would like to attend a seminar, need a supplemental text for class, or have another academic need, they must fill out the Additional Funds Request form, provide any additional documentation, and return to Sydney Beeler in the Coaching Program Office located in the SSC, 2nd Floor.


Emergency Grant

The Emergency Grant program provides financial assistance once a year to students. In order to receive the grant, students must fill out the Emergency Grant form and provide documentation (i.e. bills, letters, etc.) of their emergency. Once their materials are complete, submit the paperwork directly to Sydney Beeler in the Coaching Program, located in the SSC, 2nd Floor.


Academic Release

As part of its contract with the H&R Block Foundation, UMKC must complete and return the academic release form to the Bloch Foundation. The form details each Scholars' academic progress and success.






Physical Location

ASSC Room 114


Contact Information

Phone: 816-235-6709

Fax: 816-235-5156