Coaching Program

Who can participate?

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The Coaching Program is open to all UMKC freshmen or first year transfer students. The Program is mandatory for trail admit students, Bloch Scholars, financial aid contract students and Bernard Osher Re-Entry Scholars.

If you are not required to participate in the Coaching Program but would like more information, call
816-235-6709 or e-mail the program's coordinator.


Trial Admit Students

The majority of Coaching Program students are admitted to the University on a trial basis. Students on trial admission to UMKC are admitted as such by the Director of Admissions. If you are a Trial Admit Student who has been admitted to the UMKC Coaching Program, then your attendance and participation is mandatory.


Bloch Scholars

Bloch Scholars are students who have transferred to UMKC from one of the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) schools or from Donnelly College in Kansas City, Kan. These students received a scholarship at their previous institution, and upon completion of their associate’s degree, are given a scholarship to UMKC. Traditionally, Bloch Scholars are average achieving students in high school, but are high achievers at the community college level.


Financial Aid Contract Students

Students who have been previously placed on financial aid probation are required to sign a contact with the Financial Aid Office in order to receive aid for school. Contract students are required to meet with a Program Staff member at the beginning of the semester to complete a Plan of Action. The Plan of Action will be signed by both parties and will dictate the number of meetings per semester, the number of Academic Success Workshops each student must attend, and other obligations that the student should complete in order to be successful.


Bernard Osher Re-Entry Scholars

Osher Scholars are students who have left school for a few years and have returned to finish their degrees at UMKC. Each new scholar is paired with a peer coach, and scholars are required to attend Academic Success Workshops.