Critical Thinking Skills (A&S 103) 3 credit hours

This course is an additional 3-credit hour course that is taught (by the high school teacher) concurrently with the major course of study (Chemistry, College Algebra, Physics, or Western Civilization). This course’s content consists of the learning strategies and skills that are needed to be successful in the major course. Topics covered include how to read a textbook, how to take and organize notes, how to prepare for an exam. These topics are covered in the two-day facilitator training that all teachers are required to attend. It is the teachers’ responsibility to prepare the students to become successful college students by modeling and teaching these valuable critical thinking skills.

Grading of the A&S course consist of a form filled out by the teacher that is completed following every exam. The A&S scores are then collected by the content specialist and recorded. The final letter grade for the A&S course is based on the average A&S scores obtained from the individual A&S forms.

Please note that the final A&S grade cannot be more than one letter grade higher than their final course grade. The rational for this is that if the students are making perfect scores on homework, quizzes, participation, etc., then they should be doing the same on the exams.

This course is optional for high school students. This course usually transfers in as an elective. Students need to contact their school(s) of interest to confirm this.

As for any college course, there is a charge for students electing to take this course for college credit. The cost is for 3 credit hours.

A&S Forms


Critical Thinking Skills (A&S 103) Course Description:

This three hour course is designed to be taken in conjunction with entry level courses in Arts & Sciences disciplines. The course is designed to enhance students' critical thinking and intellectual capacity, communication skills, and life long learning strategies. Assignments and problem solving activities in the course focus on developing thinking in the disciplines through interactive class sessions, experiments, and problem solving applications. The course is intended to be taught concurrently with a departmental course offered in the Video Supplemental Instruction model. Numerous additional assignments and activities enable students to both succeed in the departmental course and develop transferable cognitive skills at the same time. Credit and grades for the Arts and Sciences 103 course are based on a series of separate assignments specifically designed to enable students to succeed academically in the current and subsequent semesters. A&S 103 assignments would vary according to the discipline course it is linked with, but would include numerous supplemental readings, writing and problem solving activities done individually and in groups/teams. Class attendance and participation are required.


2013-2014 Info

Cost per credit hour: $100.03

Last day for 100% refund: March 7, 2014

Last day for 50% refund: March 21, 2014

Last day to Withdraw with a W or WF: April 4, 2104

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