Calculus I (Math 210) 4 credit hours

Video Professor: Richard Delaware

Content Specialist: Kris Everson


2013-2014 Calculus Testing Schedule

Calculus I (Math 210) Course Description:

Functions and graphs, rational, trigonmetric, exponential functions, composite and inverse functions, limits and continuity, differentiation and its applications, integration and its applications. Prerequisite: Four units of high school mathematics including trigonometry, or Math 120, or Math 110 and Math 125, or Math 202.





2013-2014 Info

Cost per credit hour: $100.03

Last day for 100% refund: March 7, 2014

Last day for 50% refund: March 21, 2014

Last day to Withdraw with a W or WF: April 4, 2104

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