Enrollment Information

2013-2014 School Year

Enrollment Directions for Students

STEP ONE: Complete the online admissions application.
  • CLICK HERE to access the online admissions application.
  • Complete the online application. You will only need to do this one time.
  • After you submit your information, you will receive an application/confirmation number that you will need to retain for your records and for the enrollment form.
STEP TWO: Complete enrollment form(s).
  • CLICK HERE to access the enrollment form. It can be completed electronically and printed to get required signatures.
  • Complete all information on the form. Please complete one form for each course you are enrolling in. Your teacher will provide you with the reference numbers and other information for the course. Reference numbers can also be found here.
    • NOTE to Chemistry students: Make sure you include separate forms for the Chemistry course and the Chemistry lab. The Chemistry course is 4 credits and the Lab is 1 credit.
  • Get parent/guardian signatures and provide your signature. Your teacher will complete the teacher and principal signatures when submitted to them.
STEP THREE: Complete Financial Responsibility form.
  • CLICK HERE to access the financial form.
  • A parent's social security number is required on the Financial Responsibility form. The last page will require signatures from both student and parent/guardian.
STEP FOUR: Submit all forms to high school teacher.
  • NOTE: Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Important Enrollment Information

  • Enrollment forms must be collected and submitted by February 6, 2014.
  • This credit is offered at a reduced rate of $100.03 per credit hour, which is approximately one-third of the cost to take at the university. Please call for rate information.
  • You are subject to the withdrawal schedule listed in the right column. If you enroll for course and wish to withdraw, you must contact your teacher and ask for the withdrawal form. They will have the withdrawal form to complete.
  • Since you will be registering for the Spring Semester 2014, you will receive your first bill sometime in at the end of February 6, 2014

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Beatty. (816) 235-1166


Here are copies of the letters and information sent in the enrollment packets to all the schools.



2013-2014 Info

Cost per credit hour: $100.03

Last day for 100% refund: March 7, 2014

Last day for 50% refund: March 21, 2014

Last day to Withdraw with a W or WF: April 4, 2104

Withdrawal Refund Schedule:

Contact Information

Phone: 816-235-1166