Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the VSI course cost high school students?

Please call Jennifer Beatty at 816-235-1166 for 2013-2014 rate information.

More information regarding fees can be found here.

When do I have to pay for class?

Students are enrolled in a year-long course will be enrolled in the spring semester (Jan - May) and billed in late February or March.

How do I access my information online and/or make an online payment? Click here.

How do I get a copy of my transcripts? Click here.

Note: Transcripts are kept on file at UMKC. If you need to send a copy to a school, you will need to contact the transcripts office at the link above. Your transcripts will not be sent to you or your high school or your college of choice automatically at the end of the school year. You must make a request for this to happen.

How can I find out my final course grade?

Your high school teacher should be your first contact. Also, refer to the Student Accounts page. Your grades will be available after the end of the course and all exams and grades have been submitted. This is approximately the beginning of June.

How do I know if my UMKC will transfer to another college?

Only the college you will be attending will be able to determine if the course will transfer and for what course it is equivalent to. The following site may help if you are transferring into UMKC or have taken other UMKC courses. Click here.

How can I withdraw from a course before the cutoff date?

You need to contact your high school teacher and inform them you wish to withdraw, and he/she will be able to take care of the withdrawal process.

How can I withdraw from a course after the cutoff date?

If you need to withdraw after the cutoff date, you will need to petition for your withdrawal. Follow the directions on the Petition for Withdrawal form (Click here).

What is FERPA and how can I project my information? Click here.

What is the A&S 103 Critical Thinking course? Click here.

How do I get to UMKC?

  • Click here. We are located on the Volker Campus. The VSI Program is located on the second floor of the Atterbury Student Success Center.


Facilitators and Administrators

How do I get my username and password?

  • First, you must have submitted a VSI Personal Data form to the VSI office. Once the form is received and added to the UMKC system, your account will be established.
  • You will need to contact the UMKC Call Center (816.235.2000). Request your username and password. They will need to confirm your identity. Usually, this will be the email address you submitted on your Personal Data form.
  • If there are any issues, please contact the VSI office.

How do I get to UMKC?

  • Click here. We are located on the Volker Campus. The VSI Program is located in the Student Success Center.

How do I remove myself from UMKC's alert system? Click here.


2013-2014 Info

Cost per credit hour: $100.03

Last day for 100% refund: March 7, 2014

Last day for 50% refund: March 21, 2014

Last day to Withdraw with a W or WF: April 4, 2104

Withdrawal Refund Schedule:

Contact Information

Phone: 816-235-1166