Call for Proposals

The 7th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction will provide an opportunity for U.S. and international faculty, staff, and students to meet and present on SI, other peer collaborative learning initiatives, and related topics.


The Program Committee for the 2012 International Conference on SI invites presentations that share expertise and insights into the important and complex undertaking of providing student academic support through Supplemental Instruction and other peer collaborative learning initiatives. We welcome proposals from faculty, SI supervisors, SI leaders, researchers, administrators, and other professional educators.


Proposals Invited

Session proposals are invited for Concurrent Sessions, Refereed Paper Presentations, and Poster Sessions on topics addressing peer collaborative learning. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Variations of SI
  • Tutoring models
  • Peer learning groups
  • Mentoring models
  • Other academic support models that provide students the opportunity to actively engage with one another and with the learning process.


Quality proposals that sufficiently and seriously address these topics are welcomed for review.

Concurrent Sessions – 50 minutes

This session type is best for those wishing to make formal presentations with questions and interaction. Possible topic areas might include Research, Trends & Issues, or Institutional Initiatives.

Refereed Paper Presentations – 50 minutes

Refereed paper submissions will be subjected to a double blind peer review process involving a panel of external reviewers acting on behalf of the Program Committee. Authors of refereed papers accepted for presentation will also be invited to submit their paper to the Journal of Peer Learning.

Poster Sessions – 70 minutes

These sessions allow informal interaction with a large number of conference delegates. Poster sessions are presented in the form of an exhibit and delivered through the use of visual display and handout materials. The poster session host should expect to make brief remarks, share information, and answer questions about the presentation topic. Numerous poster sessions will be scheduled concurrently, and conference delegates will be free to move from one poster session to another.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals must be submitted in electronic format (send as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF file). All proposals must be sent on or before December 16, 2011. You are strongly encouraged to submit proposals as soon as possible. Since the conference program must be finalized and presenters notified in time for preconference coordination, late proposals will not be accepted. Send to Kate Gold at (816) 235-1174. Notifications will be emailed on a rolling basis up until February 16th.


If your institution requires you to know your proposal acceptance status prior to these dates, please advise us of this information when you submit your proposal, and we will happily work with you to expedite this process.


Unfortunately, because of budgetary restrictions, it is not possible to offer an honorarium or to waive registration fees for program presenters. All program chairs and additional presenters will be expected to register and pay appropriate conference registration fees; however, we do provide a reduced registration rate for SI leaders/student staff. Presenters not registered by the presenter registration deadline (March 16th, 2012) will have their presentation removed from the conference program.


When two or more people are presenting, the contact presenter is responsible for notifying all co-presenters of the status of the proposal. No session selected for the conference should have its content significantly changed once accepted. Presenters are responsible for providing session handouts.


The Program Committee will consider balance in the range of topics, level of expertise, interests covered, and professional and geographic distribution of the program presenters when accepting proposals.


Please include the following information when submitting your proposal:

1.     Presenter

Include your name, institution, office mailing address, telephone, fax, and email. If there is more than one presenter, the first name should be the contact person. List names in the order in which they should appear in the printed conference program. For each additional person, provide: name, institution, telephone number, and email address. The contact presenter will be responsible for informing co-presenters of the status of the proposal. This person should also inform the program chair of any address changes or other variances related to the proposal.


2.     Type of Session

Indicate only one: Concurrent Session, Refereed Paper Presentation, or Poster Session.


3.     Title of Session

Use a title that reflects the content. The title is important for attracting participants to your session. Only the title, the name of the presenter(s), and institutional affiliation(s) will appear in the daily schedule section of the conference program booklet. Choose a title that will be clear to the intended audience. Lengthy titles may be edited by the conference program chair.


4.     Summary

Type a 50-word (maximum) summary. If your proposal is accepted, this summary will appear in the conference program. It should be written in the third person future tense (e.g. “The presenter will begin with…).


5.     Abstract

Create a 250-500 word session abstract. Describe the objectives and content of your presentation. Include your assumptions, rationale for your program, techniques, or ideas; a summary of evaluation procedures and anticipated or actual results; and any research relevant to your presentation, which may be in the form of a brief bibliography. Please include a description of how you will involve participants.


6.     Audiovisual Needs

Each room will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, and laptop computer with wireless internet access. If you have additional needs, please contact us.




Please contact Kate Gold at 816.235.1174 or by email at