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These materials are best utilized by institutions who have attended an SI supervisor training. Much of the materials assume prior knowledge about the SI model. If you are planning on attending the supervisor training, you do not need to order training materials in advance. A basic packet of training materials are included as part of the training.


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Description of materials

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  • SI Supervisor/Leader Training Manual. This two-part manual is a resource for those who have completed SI Supervisor Training and who have ongoing SI programs. Part I addresses management concerns and responsibilities and provides reproducible management forms and evaluation reports. Part II is a reproducible Leader Manual for use during local campus SI Leader trainings.
  • SI Mentor Manual. (Spanish Edition also) The Mentor Manual offers a description of duties for peer SI supervisors, a timeframe for completion of various tasks, guidelines for both observation and debriefing, discipline-specific resources for helping SI leaders plan SI sessions, frequently asked questions and case studies for discussion, and several forms to record observations, track SI leader performance, etc.
  • Leader Resource Manual. The Leader’s Guide to Supplemental Instruction is designed for the training of SI leaders; this manual is designed as a reference tool after the training. The organization of the manual generally follows the process an SI leader uses to prepare for and conduct SI sessions.
    • “Supplemental Instruction for SI Leaders” provides a definition and rationale for SI as well as the kinds of “proof” SI leaders need to be convinced of the efficacy of SI. It also includes a brief overview of the theoretical background for SI and a list of characteristics found in ideal SI sessions.
    • “Preparing for SI Sessions” takes the leader through the process of preparing and provides some examples of good preparation.
    • “Processes” gives detailed descriptions of, rationale for, and instructions on how to use the various learning strategies central to SI sessions.
    • “Conducting Sessions” discusses general principles underlying all SI sessions, such as the use of wait-time, redirecting of questions, checking for understanding, paying attention to the interaction patterns in the sessions, and ways to open and close sessions.
    • “Special Considerations When Planning and Conducting Sessions” outlines things to remember about the out-of-the-ordinary sessions, such as exam or book reviews.
    • “Evaluating Sessions” talks about ways SI leaders can think about how they can improve their sessions.
    • “Administrative/Day-to-Day Responsibilities” and “Forms” remind leaders of the paperwork they need to complete, without which we could not continue to obtain funding for SI.


Videos for Sale

The following videos have been developed to both promote your program and to provide training support. All videos are only available in DVD (US) format.

  • SI Awareness Video. Provides an easy-to-understand description of the SI model, including brief interviews with SI leaders, supervisors, and faculty. Run time: 9 minutes
  • SI Promotional Video. Introduce your students to Supplemental Instruction in a fun, informative way. This three minute commercial includes interviews from real SI attendees about their experience with the program. Students emphasize that SI sessions are an informal, comfortable place to study with friends and review material. Active participation and student-to-student collaboration in highlighted. Interviewees also point out that SI doesn’t replace going to class, doing assignments, or reading the textbook. The video concludes with what’s most important to students: the fact that SI will raise student grades at no cost to them. Run time: 3 minutes.


Simulated SI Lectures. Each of these videos provide lecture material suitable for use in a simulated SI during SI Leader training.

  • History of Science. Run time: 45 minutes
  • Philosophy. Run time: 43 minutes
  • Mathematics (Algebra & Calculus). Run time: 43 minutes
  • American History. Run time: 60 minutes
  • US History II: "Populism and the Wizard of Oz" with Dr. John Herron. Run time: 35 minutes
  • Nursing Science: "The Inflammatory Response" with Dr. Jan Rice. Run time: 20 minutes
  • Advanced Biology: "Microtubules" with Dr. Steven King. Run time: 24 minutes