Overview of Resources

Please peruse our Resources section to find information on SI publications, training materials, and data collection.

Our SI publications section includes an annotated bibliography of articles that address SI or peer collaborative learning. Select articles are available from the Center, however, the majority must be acquired through the respective publishers of the articles (or through library databases and/or interlibrary loans), due to copyright restrictions. This is true even for articles that Center staff members have published.

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction offers a variety of training tools that are available for purchase. Our products include SI training manuals for supervisors, SI leaders, and mentors, as well as SI session demonstration videos, videotaped mock lectures, and SI awareness/promotional videos. All videos are in DVD format; all materials are copyrighted by the Curators of Missouri.

We offer a free Excel template pre-loaded with computational formulas to compute grade differences and DFW rates for SI comparisons. Please feel free to download this tool for your own use. We encourage you to submit your program’s data to be included in our National repository of data. E-mail reports to Kate Gold.