SI Supervisor Trainings in Kansas City

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction offers nine SI trainings annually in Kansas City, Missouri. Training covers the following topics: procedures for selecting SI courses and SI leaders; roles of supervisors and leaders as well as benefits; evaluation and funding of the program; training and supervision of SI leaders; theoretical frameworks underlying the SI model; and effective learning strategies and SI session activities. Attendees will also participate in SI simulations. Those who complete the SI training will receive reproducible SI Supervisor and SI Leader manuals and a certificate of completion.

Call Deidra West at 816-235-1174 for questions regarding training registration.


Additional Training Day: SI Leader Training Workshop

You must have completed the SI training outlined above before registering for this training.

SI trainings offered in Kansas City are two days. A third additional day is available for an extra fee the day following the training for those attendees who would like more intensive or advanced SI training. Topics include practical applications of SI leader training; discussion of a sample leader training agenda; in-depth exploration of discipline specific SI skills and strategies; simulation of planning for an SI session; 'live' facilitation of an SI session; facilitation of your own SI session; troubleshooting scenario's; and innovative marketing techniques.

E-mail Jennifer Beatty or call 816-235-1166 for more information on this training.

For registration information, e-mail Deidra West or call 816-235-1174. 


On-site trainings

For additional information about on-site trainings, e-mail Kate Gold or call 816-235-1179.


SI supervisor training information

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KC Supervisor (Additional Day)

2015 Training Dates

 October 5-6 (October 7)

November 9-10 (November 11)