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First Time College Students

Please review the following information to learn more about applying to UMKC and the BHS program.

Criteria for BHS Admission High School Applicants

  • Graduation from an accredited United States high school or equivalent.
  • Demonstration of ability to perform successfully at the college level, as evidenced by a combination of high school rank and American College Text (ACT) score.
  • High School curriculum described as follows (one unit equals one year in class):
    • Four units of English and four units of Math (Algebra I or higher)
    • Three units of science and three units of social studies
    • One unit of fine arts
    • Two units of the same foreign language
  • Please note that the Office of Admissions determines general admissibility to UMKC based on the criteria listed above; students who have been admitted to the BHS program by the Office of Admissions have done all that they need to do to be admitted to the program. There is no separate application process for the BHS.
  • Procedure for high school applicants to the BHS program:
    Complete UMKC application at ($45 application fee for mailing in hard copy; $35 for online applications) and send your official ACT or SAT scores and official high school transcript, along with official transcripts from any colleges at which you earned credit to:
    University of Missouri-Kansas
    Office of Admissions
    5100 Rockhill Road
    Kansas City, MO 64110

BHS Focus Areas and Minor Options

  • For a list of possible focus areas and minor degree options, please visit our Current Students page.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or have further questions, please feel free to contact the Academic Advisor.

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