Many scholarships are available to students attending UMKC. The best place to find information about scholarships and loans at UMKC is the Office of Financial Aid.

What do I need to do to get a scholarship?

The first thing you need to do is complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You need to complete this even if you know that you do not qualify financially for grants. Once you have completed the FAFSA your name will show up on lists of students seeking assistance, so you may be considered for scholarships or grants that may come up in the UMKC system.

The priority deadline for FAFSA completion is March 1. Completing by this deadline will allow you the maximum amount of automatic scholarships and will place you on the first lists available as early scholarship decisions are made. Even if you don't want to take on more loans, your name will be on the list and thus offer you the best chance of receiving any scholarship money.

Tips for getting scholarships

  • Be proactive. There are plenty of scholarships available, but you must go looking for them.
  • Network. Think about anyone you know who is affiliated with a professional, social or community group—like the Lion's Club or Rotary Club. Ask them if their group offers any scholarships. It is very likely that they do. Remember that ANY scholarship money is helpful—even $100 will make a dent in your book budget.
  • Be organized. Create a database with all of your information in it so you can access it easily. You should keep copies of your letters of reference, GPA information, awards, certificates, and other useful information in there. That way you can find what you need quickly and not miss deadlines.
  • Pay attention to deadlines. You must submit your application for scholarships before the deadline to be considered. Applications often require letters of reference and information you need to get from others, and it is not fair for you to request others to get that information the day before an application is due.
  • The application essay is important. Use everything you learned in your English classes to write an essay that makes you stand out as the best applicant for the scholarship. Then have someone review the essay and help you edit it. Additionally, be sure to read the application information and find out what the criteria for the scholarship is—then emphasize those points in your essay.
  • Take a risk. Many students see national scholarships advertised but think "They'd never pick me, and there would be too much competition, so I'll just skip it." Don't skip it, apply for it. UMKC students have won big national scholarships in the past.
  • Be persistent. Continue to look for scholarships throughout your time in college.

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