School of Nursing and Health Studies

School of Nursing and Health Studies

UMKC’s Mid-Year Commencement will be held Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. in Swinney Recreation Center (5030 Holmes, Kansas City, MO 64110)

RSVP Information

To help us ensure that there are plenty of seats for both students and their guests you must RSVP to the Commencement website AND to Brenda Riggs, Sr. Academic Advisor and Commencement Coordinator by November 6th. When responding to the RSVP site, please include the phonetic pronunciation of your full name to help announcers correctly announce your name during the ceremony. No tickets are required but we do have several students graduating so we ask that you limit your number of guests to no more than 10.

Purchasing Regalia/Ordering Announcements

Students should plan to attend the Grad Fair held in the UMKC Volker Bookstore on October 13th-14th to purchase regalia, announcements, etc. The bookstore offers a 10% discount on those two dates. If you order on-line during those two days you will also receive the 10% discount. The tassel color for BSN, MSN and DNP degrees is Apricot, and the tassel color for Ph.D. in Nursing is Gold. The hood for the MSN and DNP is Apricot, and for Ph.D. the hood is Royal Blue. The tassel color for the BHS is sage.

  • Caps are worn horizontally, with the tassel on the right side.
  • Women wear caps throughout the ceremony-Men remove caps for the National Anthem.
  • Please wear caps during the rest of the ceremony and the recessional.
  • DNP and Ph.D. students carry their hoods over their right arms until they cross the stage and are officially hooded.

Robing and Schedule

Arrive at Pierson Auditorium no later than 4:15 PM. Robing, line-up, and instructions for the ceremony will take place prior to the ceremony. There will be someone there to assist the MSN students with their hoods. Doctoral graduates should carry their hood draped over their right arm.

Please leave all personal items with family members or other guests as there is no secure place for them to be stored during the ceremony.

At approximately 4:45 PM you will receive instructions on how to walk in processional, where to sit in Swinney Recreation Center and how to walk across the stage for the reading of names. Normally the noise level in the robing room is high. When you are asked to pay attention and listen to instructions, please do so.

Commencement ceremony begins promptly at 5:00 PM


Parking, including handicapped is available at the Atterbury Student Success Center, Performing Arts Center, and other nearby campus parking lots as well. Maps and directions available online:


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