School of Computing and Engineering

RSVP Information

  • The “RSVP” button will be activated in early October, 2014.
  • You MUST RSVP at the Commencement website  in order for your seat as a graduate to be assured. Because this is a Multi-School Ceremony, there must be an exact count; without the correct number of seats and announcing cards will not be prepared, causing many problems during the ceremony.
  • Tickets are NOT required and you are welcome to bring as many guests as you would like.
  • If you have a name that is generally mispronounced, you need to include the phonetic pronunciation of your full name. This will help announcers correctly pronounce your name during the ceremony.

If you graduated in a prior semester or will be graduating in a future semester, your name is NOT included in this website. You MUST RSVP with Selena Albert,

Commencement is a time for excitement and celebration. In order to ensure a seamless and memorable ceremony, we ask your assistance in adhering to the information provided.

  • School of Computing and Engineering Graduates will participate in the Multi-School Ceremony on Friday December 19th at 1:00 p.m. in Swinney Recreation Center (5030 Holmes)
  • Robing and Preparations will be at 12 Noon, in Pierson Auditorium of the Atterbury Student Success Center. Do NOT be later than 12:45 pm. Students will process at exactly 1:00 pm, Instructions will be given on site.
  • The Dean’s Luncheon Reception for graduates is at 10:45 AM on the 5th Floor of Flarsheim Hall on December 19.  Graduates and their guests are welcome.  An invitation requiring an RSVP will be emailed in mid-November.

Purchasing Academic Regalia

Students should plan to attend the Grad Fair held in the UMKC Bookstore on October 14th and 15th to purchase their regalia, but will be available until December.

  • The academic dress for your specific degree must be purchased, which includes cap, gown, (and hood for graduate students).
  • The bookstore offers a 10% discount on those two dates.
  • If you plan to borrow someone else's regalia, it is important to have the correct colors and CRITICAL that you RSVP for the ceremony.
  • Construction Management Certificate students should wear the attire appropriate to the highest degree they have earned prior to the certificate program.
  • Tassel Color guide: Computer Science is gold and Engineering is orange. The Bookstore stores them side by side.

  • Appropriate regalia must be worn as follows:
    • Caps are worn horizontally (like balancing a book on one’s head), with the tassel on the right side.
    • Graduate Certificate, Masters, and Ph.D. degree candidates should wear the appropriate hood. Ph.D. students carry their hoods over their right arms until they are officially hooded. Please see the Hooding Ceremony Video Click on the Hooding Ceremony Video
    • Women wear caps throughout the ceremony.  Men remove caps for the National Anthem.
    • Please wear caps during the rest of the ceremony and the recessional.

Previewing Commencement

Students are encouraged to watch the power point, ‘This is how we do commencement’

Doctoral students need to watch the Hooding Ceremony Video located under Faculty and Staff of the Commencement website.

Robing & Ceremony Schedule:

  • Arrive at Pierson Auditorium no later than 12:45 p.m.
  • Robing, line-up, and instructions for the ceremony will take place prior to the ceremony.
  • Please dress in your cap and gown.
  • Doctoral graduates should carry their hood draped over their right arm.
  • Announcement cards should be picked up between 12:15 and 12:45 p.m. in Pierson Auditorium (located inside the Atterbury Student Success Center).
    • The announcement card will have your name and your degree. In the lower right hand corner will be a letter and a number written. The letter and number tells you where to stand in line.
    • There will be signed posts and an overhead projector that will show you where your corresponding letter and number is in the line.
    • There will be staff who can answer any questions. Do not hesitate to ask them if you don’t know where you should be in line.
  • Do not bring personal possessions; Please leave all personal items with your guests prior to robing; the security of any possessions left in Pierson Auditorium will not be guaranteed, and will be left for the lost and found department.
  • At approximately 12:45 p.m. instructions will be given on walking in the processional, where to sit, and how to walk across the stage. When you are asked to pay attention and listen to instructions, please do so.


Parking, including handicapped is available at the Student Success Center, Performing Arts Center, the Cherry Street Parking Structure and all other campus parking lots. Maps and directions available online:

Special Arrangements

If you or your guests will need special arrangements such as wheelchair access or assistance for the hearing impaired, please note this on the RSVP website and contact Selena Albert at UMKC police will be on hand to direct vehicles with access needs on the day of commencement.

Graduation Photos

A representative from GradImages will attend. They will take handshake and posed photos during the ceremony. They will e-mail proofs and ordering information within four weeks of the ceremony. If you do not receive your mailing, visit their Web site at, or contact them directly at 800-628-4509.

Doctoral Instructions:

  • Candidates should unbutton hood and drape it across right arm as they approach the stage.
  • Hooders should be at center stage. Under the table holding diploma covers, there is a small box to stand upon if needed.
  • Hooders receive hood from student.
  • Faculty should face the audience, and student will also face audience until hooding is completed.
  • Student walks in front of the faculty member, turns with back to faculty member (bending at knees if taller than hooder).
  • Hooder drapes hood over shoulders of candidate and adjusts hood so colors are showing.
  • Once done, the hoorder taps student on shoulder. Student turns to face hooder and shake hands;
  • Student goes next to Dean and Provost to shake hands, receive diploma cover, and exit stage.
  • Student returns to seat and sits down. Hooder exits stage via steps and returns to seat.

Click on the hooding ceremony video: