About us

UMKC’s Counseling Center serves as a comprehensive counseling and psychological resource for all students, faculty and staff. The Center also provides outreach and educational services through specialized programs. The Center is a component of the Counseling, Health and Testing Center.


The Counseling Center provides the following services:

Transitioning to UMKC

Many students enter the UMKC community already receiving mental health services. Although maintaining his or her current treatment provider is usually preferable, any student is eligible to transition these services to the Counseling Center.

The Center will assess the student’s needs on a case-by-case basis, to determine whether or not we are able to adequately provide the appropriate level of care. Students are encouraged to inform the Center early in the semester of his or her transitioning needs.

Transitioning medication prescriptions and refills

When a student is presently taking medications for a mental health reason, it can be helpful for that student to continue having their medications prescribed by their current physician.

When this is not feasible, the Counseling Center’s staff is here to assist in transitioning that level of care to UMKC's Student Health and Wellness or to a community referral that might be more appropriate.

Students are encouraged to inform the Center early in the semester of his or her medication management needs. Students should avoid waiting until they are out of their medication to contact the Center, and they should allow at least four weeks transition time until they are connected to another prescribing physician.




To make an appointment, call (816) 235-1635.

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