Services for Students with Disabilities


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Welcome to the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. Our mission is to educate and support the UMKC community to understand the unique challenges, myths and stereotypes faced by people with disabilities; recognize the unique contributions that people with disabilities make to society; and accept and engage people with disabilities in the daily flow of life.

If you are a student with a disability, your success is important to us. We understand the unique challenges you face and we are here to support you in reaching your goals. Your disability does not have to be a barrier to your success. By partnering with you we can ensure you have equal access to all that UMKC offers. Whatever your disability, we are here to help you.

We are here to assist you by working with your professors to provide reasonable accommodations which will allow you to demonstrate your ability, knowledge and skills. We do this while treating any disability related information confidentially.

We are also here to help you get connected with all that UMKC offers. There is a lot to do, learn and experience outside of the classroom. You can experience the arts, see a movie, develop leadership skills, polish your resume, join a student group and have fun. We can help you get connected.


Please note:  If you are unable to access the programs and services our office provides at our current location because of a disability related reason please contact Scott Laurent at 816.235.5696 or by email at and we will make arrangements to meet you elsewhere on campus.



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