Services for Students with Disabilities

Documentation you will need

It is the student’s responsibility to provide UMKC with sufficient and appropriate documentation of their disability. All costs for acquiring appropriate documentation will be borne by the student.


The evaluation must be conducted by an appropriately qualified individual not related to the student. The documentation should indicate the evaluator’s name, title, address and credentials. The documentation should be typed, dated, legible and signed by the professional.


Documentation should be current. Ideally, documentation should be no more than three years old depending upon the disability and the accommodations being requested. Students who have sufficient and appropriate documentation, which is more than three years old, may be requested to update their documentation.


The documentation must include a specific diagnosis and indicate the rationale for the diagnosis. This should include all tests performed and all scores obtained.

Statement of impact

The documentation should include a clear statement of the impact of the disability upon the student in an educational setting including specific rationale for any accommodations recommended.

Documentation guidelines

UMKC uses nationally recognized guidelines for documenting disabilities. Follow these links to see what your documentation should include: