Services for Students with Disabilities

Getting started

Your first visit

During your first visit with Office of Services for Students with Disabilities we will get to know you, your strengths and needs, as well as explain to you our procedures. To help us in this process you must provide a written evaluation of your disability. This is usually a letter or a formal evaluation prepared by your physician, psychologist, specialist, etc. who is qualified to diagnose your particular disability and who is not related to you. At a minimum the evaluation should indicate the evaluator’s name, title, address and credentials and should be typed, dated, legible and signed by the professional.


Please note:  If you are unable to access the programs and services our office provides at our current location because of a disability related reason please contact Scott Laurent at 816.235.5696 or by email at and we will make arrangements to meet you elsewhere on campus.



Ideally the evaluation should be no more than three years old. Any evaluation that is more than three years old may be accepted for conditions that are not expected to change over time. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. The evaluation should clearly state the type of disability and provide sufficient information to assist us in understanding the unique way your disability impacts you in an educational setting. It should include all tests performed and all scores obtained. This evaluation will help in determining what accommodations are appropriate and other ways we can support you. General guidelines for documenting a disability can be found here.

The evaluation you provide should meet these general guidelines. If you have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, a learning disability or a psychiatric disability, additional information will be required.