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Diversity and Inclusion

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At UMKC, diversity is everywhere and one of our greatest strengths. It's a part of everyone – students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends – and touches every aspect of campus life.

Join us in our commitment to diversity by telling us why inclusiveness matters to you. By sharing your story, you support our common goal that every voice matters at UMKC.

Together, we are building a more diverse and inclusive university and creating opportunities for engagement across the Greater Kansas City area and beyond.

"Diversity matters to me because there is so much that I simply don't know. People with different perspectives, based on different life experiences, are a treasure trove of new knowledge. To reject people based on differences is to court ignorance."
- John Martellaro

"Embracing the diversity of human experience expands my horizons, enhances my professional skills and enriches my life. Diversity includes me!"
- Scott Laurent

"Diversity and inclusion are important to me on a personal, as well as a professional level. UMKC is privileged to be home to individuals of many races, cultures and backgrounds – enriching those willing to engage with them. I'm pleased that diversity is one of UMKC's strategic goals."
- Wandra Green


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