Division of

Diversity and Inclusion

We, at UMKC, have included diversity, inclusiveness and respect within our core values and taken a stand to create a positive environment by recognizing and acknowledging personal bias and being responsible for positive change.  We have committed to seeking, supporting and celebrating the diversity of people by respecting individual dignity regardless of mental/physical ability, race, religion, learning style, education level, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, appearance, job, nationality and any other social construct/label that intends to diminish individual or group diversity, inclusion and respect. 

Diversity and affirmative action programs and policies are interdependent means to ensure equal opportunity, access, respect and inclusion throughout UMKC.
  • We seek, support and celebrate the diversity of all people
  • We respect individual dignity
  • We are sensitive to differences in learning styles, ideas and beliefs

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion manages and administers several diversity programs, engages with numerous offices/organizations - campus and  community-wide - while working to lead and assist in fulfilling the University’s commitments, intents and core values. 

star Diversity Curriculum Infusion Institute (DCII)
  The Institute is designed to facilitate the goal of infusing diversity into UMKC's curriculum campus-wide. Faculty is provided guidance and resources needed to successfully engage in diversity curriculum infusion. To date, 126 faculty members have participated. 
To view DCII application click here.
star Diversity Collaborative Programming
  This Program supports programming that is innovative, collaborative and appealing to broad-based audiences.  To date, this Program has supported 40+ diversity programs and provided foundational support to several offices throughout the University.   
star Other Initiatives
  Social Justice Book and Lecture Series
Cesar Chavez Lecture
Now is the Time Evaluation and Planning Program
FaCET Diversity Discussions