Division of

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) is uniquely situated to provide a highly skilled, well educated, innovative and diverse workforce for the state of Missouri. Located in the urban core, UMKC has the opportunity to set new standards in higher education by accomplishing what very few institutions can claim--a diverse faculty, staff and student body reflecting the community that it serves. This can only be accomplished by developing and maintaining inclusive recruitment, hiring, admission and retention programs throughout the organization.

UMKC’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion provides dynamic programming that enriches the educational experiences of students, staff, faculty and community members. In addition to awareness events, the Division has been awarded multiple grants to improve K-12 educational attainment and ready students for the challenges of higher education and career advancement. Through community engagement our students, faculty and staff exchange ideas, learn from local leaders and put theory to practice in real-life situations. Through these partnerships our communities grow, our institution is enriched and our students are empowered to meet the needs of a diverse nation.