Division of

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Empowerment Workshop

We create a positive environment by recognizing and acknowledging personal biases and being responsible for positive change.

The changing demographics of our communities have an impact on our schools. The diversity within our schools makes this more challenging, interesting, and exciting. Recognizing this and improving our skills for working within a diverse population will help make our jobs an easier learning experience.

This city is a community of diversity, one whose residents span a wide range of differences and similarities. As such, exceptional demands are placed on the community to be versatile, flexible, tolerant, patient, and skillful.

Problems of discrimination and bigotry permeate our society--the eradication of which is a formidable problem requiring our best efforts. Our goal in this workshop is to raise awareness of our beliefs and biases. We also hope to share new skills and techniques that will help us exercise conscious control over our actions and serve our diverse communities appropriately.

Finally, no workshop can take total responsibility for your personal development or your professional growth. Your efforts in this important area are paramount. In the end, the initiative rests with you!


Goal: To empower the UMKC community to live the core value of diversity, inclusiveness and respect.


  • To encourage, empower and effectively challenge boxes/stereotypes and oppressive paradigms.
  • To provide tools and demonstrate uses of language to effectively deal with bias.
  • To provide a safe environment in which to recognize bias, educate self, and share with others.
  • To provide an environment that allows for no victims or perpetrators while promoting an understanding that all of us are victims and perpetrators of bias.
  • To understand that courage is necessary to address issues of diversity, inclusion and oppression, both today and every day in the workplace.