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Diversity and Inclusion

All UMKC employees, full time and part time (.75 FTE or less) will benefit from a better understanding of discrimination and sexual harassment law; understanding their responsibilities as a supervisor/employee of UMKC; knowing the steps of an investigation; and learning the roles and responsibilities of the Affirmative Action Office. This seminar is designed to empower employees with the information they need to recognize problems early and prevent discrimination and sexual harassment. All employees are required to take the on-line refresher and pass the on-line test with 80% or above every three years.

It is essential that all employees recognize that this is a required educational opportunity that is critical to sustaining a working and learning environment free of potentially unlawful activities that serve to distract from our institution’s mission of educating students.
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Non-Supervisor Sessions
Note: This session is for faculty/staff that DO NOT have direct supervisory responsibilities.
Supervisor Sessions
Note: This session is for faculty/staff that have direct supervisory responsibility over another faculty, staff, graduate assistant or work-study employee.
Part-time Employees
Should you have any questions about registering for sexual harassment training please contact the Affirmative Action Office at 816-235-12323 for further assistance.