Campus Facilities Management

Facilities Advisory Committee

The Facilities Advisory Committee was established to facilitate the updating of the University’s master plan and development of annual capital plans. The Committee is charged with advising the Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellors, as appropriate, on campus-level facility issues in six areas:  

  1. Capital priorities for the renovation of existing space.
  2. Capital priorities for the addition of new space.
  3. Priorities for the utilization and reassignment of existing space.
  4. Priorities for maintenance and repair projects.
  5. Committee input to the Campus Master Plan updates.
  6. Priorities for the enhancement of the campus landscape, including the annual allocation of the Robert H. Flarsheim Campus Beautification funds.  

Members commit to be active participants in as many workshops and meetings as possible.  Meetings are set at the start of each academic year, with no fewer than six meetings scheduled per year.  Workshops or additional meetings will be set as required.



Bob Simmons, Associate Vice Chancellor-Administration


Two representatives appointed/elected from the Dean's Council

  • Dean Ellen Suni, Law School
  • Interim Dean Thad Wilson, School of Nursing

Six representatives appointed/elected from the Faculty Senate

  • Walter Clements, Henry W. Bloch School of Business and Public Administration
  • Saul Honigberg, School of Biological Sciences
  • Wei Ji, Arts and Sciences
  • Thomas Stein, Conservatory of Music
  • Hali Fieldman, Conservatory of Music
  • Yasuyoshi Ueki, School of Dentistry
  • Alternate: Keith Benjamin, Conservatory of Music

Two representatives appointed/elected from the Staff Council.

  • Mel Davis, School of Medicine
  • Mark Mattison, Libraries

Two representatives appointed/elected from the Student Government Association.

  • Steven Kendrick
  • Tyler Dixon
  • Dennis Cesari, Assistant Vice Chancellor Business Services
  • Ted Knous, Academic Affairs representative
  • Paris Saunders, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management representative
  • Curt Crespino, University Advancement representative
  • Larry Eisenberg, University Architect, UM System

Robert H. Flarsheim Campus Beautification Fund

Established with a gift from the Robert H. Flarsheim estate in 1998, these funds were designated for the express purpose of beautification of the campus grounds and landscape. In recent years, the Fund has produced about $600,000 in annual earnings, of which about $200,000 is available for projects. Funds cannot be used on, for or in buildings. Request Process: Requests can be submitted at any time and will be evaluated twice a year in January and September. Requests will be evaluated based upon the following criteria, considering funds that are available, by the Facilities Advisory Committee, with recommendations then made to the Chancellor and Direct Reports. Please include any supporting documents, such as photographs, sketches, letters of support, etc. that you would like included in the review.  The completed request and all documentation should be submitted to Campus Facilities Management, Attn: AVC Facilities, 103 General Services Building, by the second Monday of September or the second Monday of January.
UMKC Flarsheim Fund Request Form 10-10

Contact information

Heather Swanson

Executive Staff Assistant II
Phone: 816-235-2650
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