Recruitment is the heart of Greek Life. It is the duty of IFC to provide an effective way for students to join a fraternity at UMKC. There are two basic types of recruitment.

Informal Recruitment: Many prospective members are recruited informally at UMKC. Each chapter has its own individual recruitment program and may actively recruit year round. Be on the lookout for Roo Fair when you come to your orientation. There you will see each fraternity’s has a booth and will have the opportunity to meet with each one. You may also contact a chapter at anytime and are encouraged to do so! Just visit their website.

Formal Recruitment: Formal Recruitment for IFC fraternities takes place during the first week of Fall Semester. During this time every fraternity will be hosting several events as well as one major event each. Be sure to check them out! These events are the best way to meet the members of each fraternity as well as your new peers. “Recruitment Week” is your opportunity to learn what each fraternity has to offer and see which one you connect with best.


Questions? Please contact the Vice President of Recruitment, Matt Ditto 417-850-5869