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      1. The basis of all fraternalism is brotherhood. From the outside, one might think that a fraternity is just a group of guys, but it is nothing short of a family. It is more than a common interest group. Brotherhood is kept strong through trust and accountability. It exceeds the limits of four years of college. To earn your fraternity badge is to earn a lifelong brotherhood.
Fraternities at UMKC strive for academic excellence. The All Fraternity average GPA is consistently higher than the All Men’s campus average semester after semester. In addition, 54 Greek members achieved a 4.0 for the Fall 2011 semester. Every chapter has a minimum GPA required for both new member initiation and for an active member to remain in good standing. Many offer academic assistance programs for individuals who fall behind to get them back on track.
Leadership is a core value of every fraternity. Fraternity men consistently make up the majority of leadership positions held on campus. This goes from participating in various student activity councils to holding the majority of positions in the Student Government Association. Holding such positions is fun, enables the learning of responsibility and accountability, and helps to prepare young men for the real world.
      1. A key factor of any fraternity is service. All fraternities give back to the community through various philanthropic events and fundraising. These events are fun, like Relay for Life, where members relay in order to raise money for cancer research. Some fraternities even participate in the Polar Bear Plunge to fundraise for the Special Olympics!