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Omicron Delta Kappa - National Leadership Honor Society

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ODK is the National Leadership Honor Society for college students recognizing and encouraging superior scholarship, leadership and exemplary character. Membership in ODK is a mark of highest distinction and honor.


As a member, you would join the ranks of:

  • Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President
  • Winston Churchill III, Statesman, author, journalist and member of British Parliament
  • Walter Cronkite, award winning news commentator and correspondent
  • Bob Hope, Distinguished entertainer, radio, stage, T.V. and film star
  • Madeleine Kunin, First woman Governor of Vermont
  • Betty Mahmoody, Author of Not Without My Daughter
  • Walter Mondale, Former U.S. Vice President
  • Arnold Palmer, Professional Golfer
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former U.S. President, elected 4 terms
  • Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Membership in ODK is open to students of junior and senior standing who have earned a 3.2 GPA and graduate students with a 3.5 GPA. ODK seeks those who have achieved leadership and service in one of our "Five Major Phases of Campus Life." These are scholarship; athletics; campus or community service; social and religious activities; campus government; journalism, speech, and mass media; and creative and performing arts.**


For those selected, there is a one-time initiation fee of $85.00. Students are expected to participate in the organization's meetings and activities.


If you are interested in joining Omicron Delta Kappa we encourage you to contact the Office of Student Involvement at 816-235-1407 or

Visit the Omicron Delta Kappa national website at

Additional Info:

If you are interested in being a part of the UMKC Institute for Leadership & Service, we encourage you to contact the Office of Student Involvement at 816-235-1407 or