Residential Life

Contract Terms 2011-2012

I hereby certify that I will be enrolled as a student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for academic year 2011-2012, understanding that preference will be given to full-time students, and hereby apply for room accommodations in the UMKC apartments for the full academic year/12-month leasing period. Upon acceptance by the University, this UMKC Apartment Contract, including all attachments hereto and terms incorporated herein, shall become a legally binding and enforceable contract between the parties hereto (this "contract").


Cost and Options

Oak Place Apartments (apartments, single gender)

Single* $10,788 ($899/month)
2-person $9,780 ($815/month)
4-person 12-month $7,548 ($629/month)
4-person academic year** $6,318 ($702/month)


*A very limited number of single apartments are available. If single apartment is unavailable, a 2-person or 4-person space will be assigned depending on remaining space availability.

**A limited number of academic year contracts will be available for the 4-person apartments. After those have been leased, only 12-month contracts will be available.


Non-UMKC students will be assigned a courtesy ID with the University and will receive a bill with all charges from the University for their apartment. Students will be billed according to the UMKC fee schedule. For more information about this schedule, contact the Cashier's Office at 816-235-1365.

The University reserves the right to modify by increase or decrease the fees charged fro attendance and other services at the University, including but not limited to educational fees, at any time when in the discretion of the governing board the same is in the best interest of the University. No increases can or will be effective unless approved by the governing board not less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the academic term (semester, etc.) to which the fees are applicable, with all modification of fees to be effective irrespective as to whether fees have or have not been paid by or on behalf of a student prior to the effective date of the modification.

Late Payment Fees

Student accounts will be subject to a $10 late fee every billing period when payment is not received and processed by the scheduled due date as communicated on the student's Monthly Billing Statement. Residents of the apartments will be charged a late fee of $50 for any rent payment that is five days overdue, and $25 for every five days after that, not to exceed $100 in late charges per month.

Finance Charges

The University will assess a monthly 1 percent finance charge on any account that remains unpaid after the payment due date. A finance charge is always assessed on any remaining Adjusted Amount Due after the payment due date; therefore, it is to the advantage of the student to avoid finance charges by paying the account balance in full.

I agree to pay the charges regularly fixed by the University for the Accommodations assigned to me. It is understood that any subsequent payment made on the reservation will be refunded if a request for cancellation is received in the UMKC Residential Life Office, Oak Street Hall, Room 2004, 5051 Oak St., Kansas City, MO 64112-2499, on or before June 1, 2011.

I agree that if I have not requested cancellation of this contract on or before June 1, 2011 then partial refund will be made according to the cancellation schedule listed on this contract. If I attend UMKC and I fail to occupy assigned accommodation on or before the first day of classes of the period covered by this contract without having given the UMKC Residential Life Office notification by the first day of this contract, August 18, 2011, my accommodations may be assigned to another student; however, delayed arrival shall not relieve me of responsibility for accepting other available accommodations; and failure to occupy accommodations will not relieve me of being responsible for full payment for the accommodations I have reserved.

All billing will come from and should be remitted to the UMKC Cashiers and Collections Office.

Students not enrolled at UMKC or other acceptable university as of the UMKC Census Date will be required to vacate their apartment within five (5) working days and will be responsible for payment according to the cancellation schedule.

Background and Definitions

This contract is for the lease of space (generally referred to herein as an "apartment" or "unit" and incidental activities and matters at Oak Place Apartments, located at 5050 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64112 (generally referred to herein as the "facilities"), between the undersigned occupant and, if applicable, the parent or guardian of such occupant (generally referred to herein as the "student" or "resident") and Provident Group-UMKC Properties LLC, a Missouri limited liability company, and its successors and assigns (generally referred to herein as the "owner"). This contract is being executed and entered into, on behalf of the owner, by The Curators of the University of Missouri for the benefit of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (generally referred to herein as the "University" or "UMKC").

Other Terms

The University is the current manager of the facilities for and on behalf of the owner. If the University ceases to be the manager of the facilities, it may freely delegate or assign its duties, rights, and remedies under or in connection with this contract to owner, another manager, or other person or entity. In the event of any such delegation or assignment: (a) the owner (or such manager or other person or entity) may perform and discharge such duties and shall be entitled to such rights and remedies (including, but not limited to termination and other default rights and remedies for violations of the University's rules and regulations and other terms and conditions incorporated by reference herein), to the same extent as the University under or in connection with this contract; (b) the University shall, as a third party beneficiary, continue to be protected by and have the benefit of any limitations or waivers of resident in favor of University, and be entitled to enforce its own rules and regulations as described herein in order to maintain its residential academic community, in each case under or in connection with this contract; and (c) the University shall be released from any further damages, losses, liability, or costs or expenses under or in connection with this contract.

In addition, the following documents, terms, and conditions are hereby incorporated by reference into this contract as if fully set forth herein, the student is hereby directed to view and understand such documents, terms, and conditions, and, by signing below, the student will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by this contract, in its entirety, including such documents, terms, and conditions:

Further, the University reserves the right to supplement, amend, and/or revoke any of the foregoing and any other rules and regulations at any time and from time to time, in its sole and absolute discretion, which shall be binding upon the student immediately following notice thereof.

Consent and Authorization to Release Information

By entering into this contract, the student hereby authorizes the University to release copies of this contract, any documents or information in its files relating to this contract, and the student's name, address, date of birth, social security number, and similar information to the owner, any successor, assign, lender, or management company for the owner, and the respective officers, employees, agents, representatives of any of the foregoing (the "authorized recipients"), in all cases for the purposes of the ownership, management, and operation of the facilities.

In addition, if the student is enrolled in a university other than UMKC, the student hereby authorizes such other university to release documents and information relating to the student's enrollment status to UMKC and the other authorized recipients and further authorizes UMKC to submit a copy of this contract to such other university in order to cause the release of such documents and information relating to enrollment status.

The foregoing authorizations are intended to provide specific written authorization by the student for the release of certain information that may be otherwise protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 30 USC ยง1232(g), and 34 CFR Part 99. These authorizations will remain in effect until a written request to cancel is submitted to the University; provided, that any such cancellation, in whole or in part, will be an event of default as described above.

I, the undersigned student, agree to all of the terms, conditions and provisions of this contract, including all attachments hereto and terms incorporated herein, and agree that all of the foregoing constitute a part of this contract as fully as if set out over my signature.

In consideration of assignment of accommodations to the above named student, I, the parent or lawful guardian of the student, do hereby covenant and agree, by and with Provident Group - UMKC Properties L.L.C., that, if default shall be made by said student in the performance of the obligations herein above set forth, I will pay upon demand and without requiring prior notice of such default the charges that may be due to Provident Group - UMKC Properties L.L.C. hereunder.


Contract Terms and Policies

UMKC Office of Residential Life

Occupancy of Apartments

Apartments may be occupied after 8 a.m., Aug. 18, 2011. Apartments must be vacated at the end of the leasing period unless other arrangements have been made with Residential Life. All personal property must be removed from University property on the last day of the period of occupancy.

General Administration

The status of the University of Missouri-Kansas City as a residential academic community and each student's position as a citizen in that community requires regulations concerning the protection and promotion of learning activity, maintenance of order and control of behavior affecting the freedom and privacy of others. The Office of Residential Life hires staff that participate with residents in conflict resolution, document incidents and initiate appropriate actions in response. Students who sign a student housing contract agree to the following policies and regulations, those written above, in The Guide to Group Living and other official publications, including: 1) The Student Conduct Code for the University of Missouri-Kansas City; 2) The University of Missouri-Kansas City Parking Regulations. The University has the authority, pertaining to all University housing, to establish and enforce rules and regulations developed within applicable statutes and Board of Curators policies. In accordance with University policy, no assignment is made on the basis of race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, and, to the extent specified by law, age or veteran status.

Policies Governing Occupancy

Every occupant must register with the Residential Life Coordinator of the living unit upon initial occupancy and when permanently vacating the assigned unit. Only a regularly-enrolled student may occupy space in University housing. Full-time enrollment is normally required, but exceptions to the full-time status requirement may be made for good cause shown by the student.

Assigned space may be used for personal residence only. No activity is permitted which involves regular use of housing facilities for personal financial gain. Residents may request to transfer between living units as space permits. An administrative fee may be assessed in certain instances. Generally, the same policies and regulations apply in all units. When modified payment schedules, amounts due and new regulations apply, residents agree to these changes as a condition of the transfer agreement.

The University will determine whether a contract for space will be offered. The University also determines assignments, re-assignments and other occupancy changes. On rare occasions, a resident may be required to move to accommodate another individual with unique physical needs or to address an unforeseen maintenance concern. Other unpredictable situations may also result in occupancy changes. The University reserves the right and privilege to change the occupancy assignment and to require the student to move to different accommodations when the University deems it expedient, in which event the student's account will be credited, or charged, with any difference in the charges.

Each resident is solely responsible for getting along with other occupants, even if the University placed the resident with the occupants. Each resident acknowledges that reasonable cooperation and respect will be used with others. The University shall not be liable for any personal conflict of a resident with others, including their guests, licensees, or invitees, or with any other residents that reside at the facilities. A conflict of any kind, including, but not limited to, actual or threatened physical injury, between a resident and others, does not constitute grounds for termination of the contract by resident. The University shall not be liable for any personal injury to resident or damage or loss to resident's property, including, but not limited to, any injury, loss, or damage caused by burglary, assault, vandalism, theft, or any other crimes. No one other than the resident and occupants assigned by the University may occupy the facilities.

The assigned unit may be within a suite or similar arrangement with a non-exclusive common area, including, if applicable, the kitchen, living room, dining area, balcony, or patio, storage room assigned to the unit, and bathroom if the unit does not have a separate bathroom. In this event, each resident and other occupant of the suite shall be jointly and severally liable for such common area.

In addition, various areas outside of a unit or suite within the facilities are designated and intended for the use and enjoyment in common by all residents, including but not limited to the walkways, courtyards, recreational facilities, lounges, meeting rooms, computer lab, fitness center, pool, sport and game rooms and facilities, and other amenities made available by the University. All residents and their guests, licensees, and invitees must comply with all rules and regulations regarding such amenities as may be modified or eliminated by the University at any time and from time to time. The use of the amenities by the residents and their guests, licensees, and invitees shall be at their own risk and may be regulated, denied, or restricted by the University at any time and from time to time. Each resident acknowledges that the University has not made any representations, either written or oral, concerning the safety of the facilities or the effectiveness or operability of any security devices or measures within the units, any common areas, or elsewhere in or surrounding the facilities.

The University reserves the right and privilege to enter a student's apartment at any time for the purpose of making inspections of the furniture and equipment or for the purpose of performing any maintenance work which is needed, and reserves the right to enter the apartment at any time when reasonable cause exists to believe the student has violated University rules and regulations. The university also reserves the right to enter a student's apartment when its officials reasonably believe a health or safety emergency requires their intervention.

False statements in resident's contract for housing, violation of rules and regulations of UMKC, the University of Missouri Standard of Conduct and any federal, state, or local laws, now or hereafter in effect, or other conduct on the part of the resident or resident's roommate(s) or guests deemed to be such as to require the removal of resident from assigned apartment for the best interest of other residents shall constitute grounds for University to direct residents to move from the assigned apartment.

The University reserves the right to take over and use the apartment in event of public emergency, in which event the student will receive six hours notice.

Occupancy changes initiated by residents may be completed during the semester if all residents involved agree and if approved by senior Office of Residential Life staff. An administrative fee may be assessed in certain instances. Unoccupied spaces are reserved for use by the University. Residents who have contracted for a roommate will be assigned a roommate or asked to move to an existing vacancy. Failure to move or refusal of a roommate assignment by a stated deadline will result in the resident being charged a higher apartment rate.

General Regulations

Obedience to the laws of the land and conduct rules of the University is expected of residents, visitors and guests. Acts contrary to federal, state, or local laws and University regulations such as, but not limited to, sex offenses, gambling, possession and/or use of illegal drugs and/or controlled substances, theft and disruption are violations of student housing policy. Recognition of others' personal and property rights is expected of residents, visitors and guests. Each resident is responsible for compliance with all stated policies (see Guide to Group Living).

  • Interference with the rights of others to use their living areas for study or sleep constitutes violation of student housing policy. Door-to-door canvassing and unapproved solicitation is prohibited.
  • Residents, visitors and guests are expected to act with common decency and decorum. Adequate dress is required in public areas and on floors and in student apartments when members of the opposite sex may be present.
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person is prohibited in student housing facilities and on University-owned property.
  • Appliances which are hazardous when left on and unattended or which have exposed heating elements are prohibited.
  • Possession of fireworks, firearms and other weapons, candles, incense and live animals are prohibited. Fish in aquariums are allowed as pets.
  • All facilities operated by the Office of Residential Life are smoke-free. People found smoking in student housing facilities will face disciplinary action.
  • All residents, visitors and guests must immediately leave the facility when a fire alarm is sounded. Tampering with elevators, fire alarms, or fire safety equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Student housing facilities and associated property are routinely inspected and meet acceptable health and safety standards in their present condition. Residents are cautioned not to make any modifications, whether structural, electrical, or plumbing to facilities, nor to attempt any construction or remodeling, no matter how minor, without advance written approval from the full-time staff member responsible for their living unit.
  • When window screens are part of apartment windows, the windows are operable without removal of any screen. There is no acceptable reason for removal of a window screen except in the case of a building emergency. Each resident of an apartment in violation of the policy on window screens will be charged when the violation is discovered and documented. Except in the case of a building emergency, there is no acceptable reason for any resident or guest to exit an apartment through a window.

Damage to Property/Personal Insurance

Residents are held financially responsible for any damage they cause in public or private areas of student housing units. Academic records at the University of Missouri-Kansas City may be withheld for nonpayment of obligations such as lost keys, broken or missing furniture and other debts due the Office of Residential Life. Further, for students at a university other than UMKC, UMKC reserves the right to contact such other university to inform them of the foregoing. Residents shall reimburse the University for all damages to a UMKC residential facility and all damage to, or loss of, any University fixtures, furnishings, or personal property furnished under this contract caused by negligence on the part of the residents. Residents shall promptly report all repairs, installations, service, or security related matters which need to be made to the Residential Life Office. Residents must immediately notify Residential Life of water leaks, mold, electrical problems, malfunctioning lights, utility malfunctions or damage, broken or missing locks, doors, windows, smoke detectors, or latches, and other conditions that pose a hazard to health, safety, or property. In the event of fire or other casualty, residents must immediately notify Residential Life. Residents understand and acknowledge that insurance carried by the University covers University property only. Residents agree to provide for their own protection against loss or damage to property and/or for personal liability.

In the event the accommodations assigned to the student are destroyed or otherwise made unavailable and the University does not furnish other accommodations in the same or another UMKC residential facility, the contract shall terminate and all rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall cease and the right of the University and students to payments previously made by the student shall be prorated on the basis of the period for which accommodations were available to the student.


No animals other than fish (in a 10-gallon tank or smaller) are permitted in student housing facilities. Visitors may not bring pets into the buildings. The only exceptions to this rule are ADA guide animals and full-time live-in staff.

Resident's Responsibility for Security

Residents acknowledge that Residential Life neither warrants nor guarantees the safety or security of residents or residents' guest(s) against any criminal or wrongful act of third parties. Each resident and their guest(s) are responsible for protecting his or her own person and property. Residential Life is not liable to residents, roommates, or respective guests for any damage, injury, or loss to person or property caused by other persons, including but not limited to, theft, burglary, assault, vandalism, or other crimes. Residential Life cannot assume responsibility for the criminal actions of third parties. There is no guarantee that any effort by Residential Life will in any way increase residents' personal security or the safety of residents' family or guest(s) or residents' belongings. Residential Life represents and residents acknowledge that Residential Life is not equipped nor trained to provide personal security services to residents, roommates, or their respective guests. Residents acknowledge that residents and local law enforcement agencies are responsible for residents' security and the security of all guests. Residents also acknowledge that security devices or measures, including but not limited to, intrusion alarms, access gates, keyed or controlled entry doors, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, or other devices, may fail or be thwarted by criminals or by electrical or mechanical malfunctions. Therefore, residents acknowledge that they should not rely on such devices or measures and should take steps to protect themselves and their existing property as if these devices or measures did not exist. Cameras placed in the facilities are not staffed on a 24-hour basis and are not designed to provide personal security services for anyone. In relation to access gates, residents agree to follow all instructions and rules regarding the use of these gates, including but not limited to not following or piggybacking another resident into an open gate, not forcing the gates open, not giving ID card to anyone else, and not tampering with the gates.


Residents agree to allow Residential Life and UMKC to use photographs of the residents and the premises for the purpose of advertising the facility and the college or other similar facilities owned or operated by Residential Life and hereby consents to such use.

Violation of or Failure to Follow Policies or Regulations

Violation of these policies or regulations by a resident, or failure of a resident to independently manage daily life functions associated with being a student, may result in cancellation of the housing contract, revocation of future guest privileges, and/or other consequence including liability for full contract costs when the contract is cancelled by action of the Office of Residential Life. If a contract is cancelled for violation of a policy or regulation, the student may not reapply for student housing for a period of one calendar year from the end of the contract period in which the cancellation was effective.

Residential Life employees have the responsibility to investigate incidents that might endanger the life or property of residents or the University. Contract cancellation and/or disciplinary action by the department may occur if the resident fails to abide by and conform to all applicable rules and regulations of the University and/or the Office of Residential Life.

A resident's housing contract may be immediately suspended and the resident required to vacate the premises when circumstances indicate that the resident's continued presence in the living unit may constitute danger or threat of danger to property, the resident, or others in the housing system. Housing contracts of residents who are either arrested for alleged criminal acts or against whom criminal charges are pending may be suspended under this policy. The resident will receive written notice from the Office of Residential Life stating the reasons for the interim suspension of the contract and the time and place of a hearing to be held within five class days at which time the student has an opportunity to show why his or her continued presence in the housing unit does not constitute a danger or threat of danger to others, the student, or property.

In lieu of an interim suspension, a resident may be re-assigned to another location, be restricted from specified housing areas or units, and/or be restricted in privileges normally allowed to residents of University-owned student housing.


University, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to determine when the apartment is abandoned in accordance with applicable law. Resident agrees abandonment of the apartment shall include, but is not limited to, anyone of the following: (i) the removal of personal property from the apartment other than in the usual course of continuing occupancy, (ii) the failure to pay rent or other charges, and (iii) failure to respond to any notices, phone calls, or correspondence from University.

In the event the apartment is abandoned, University shall have the right, without notice, to secure the apartment with new locks, store and dispose of any property or personal possessions left in the apartment by resident or resident's guests, licensees, or invitees in accordance with applicable law, and to re-rent the apartment for new occupancy. To the maximum extent applicable law permits, any such abandoned property or personal possessions shall be considered University's property and title shall vest in University. Resident may redeem property in accordance with and if applicable law permits. In the event of re-entry and repossession by the University, University shall have the right to store or dispose of resident's property remaining in the apartment, and resident shall be liable for all costs, fees and damages incurred by University and such re-entry shall not be deemed an acceptance by the University or a surrender of any rights of University or otherwise constitute a release of resident from the terms of this contract.

Resident agrees University shall have no liability for any action taken to secure the apartment, obtain possession of the apartment, or store or dispose of any personal property or possessions found in the apartment when University deems the apartment to have been abandoned, and such actions are a contractual matter to which resident has given his or her consent, and any alleged action shall not give rise to a claim in tort or to a claim for punitive damages.

Contract Cancellation Policy

A submitted request to cancel this academic term contract will be approved until the day housing facilities open. Notice of intent to cancel must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life. After move-in, requests to cancel must be made to the Residential Life Coordinator for the hall in which the resident is living. After facilities open, contract cancellation requests will not be approved for students who remain enrolled but wish to move to fraternity or sorority houses or other off-campus locations.

Cancellation charges are typically approved for the following reasons: assignment to a UMKC-sponsored internship, research project, or other UMKC program which requires living away from Kansas City; completion of graduation requirements during the term of the contract; marriage - proof of marriage will be required; compulsory military duty. Otherwise, students may request contract cancellation for: loss of student status; withdrawal from UMKC; failure to enroll; or, unusual and compelling circumstances which justify special consideration. Documentation must be provided. Students must vacate facilities upon withdrawal from UMKC.

If the cancellation request is approved, the student will be charged according to the schedule printed below.

Cancellation Fee Schedule

From contracting date to June 1 - no charge

After June 1 - cancellation fee is one month's rent.

After move-in and approved contract cancellation, the student must officially vacate by obtaining check-out materials from the Office of Residential Life and contacting residential staff to complete official check-out procedures. Any amount paid in excess of the total due will be refunded or credited. Students who have not met their financial obligations will be billed. Students must move from the facility within 24 hours of contract cancellation or withdrawal from UMKC, unless notified otherwise. All components of this contract are cancelled when the contract cancellation is effective. Questions concerning cancellation procedures and charges should be directed to: UMKC Residential Life Office, Oak Street Hall, room 2004, 5051 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64112-2499 or by phone at 816-235-8840.

Termination by the University

(A) Default in payments due under the contract, withdrawal (or suspension or dismissal) from the University for any reason, violation of rules and regulations of the UMKC Office of Residential Life, the University of Missouri Code of Conduct, or other conduct on the part of the student deemed to be such as to require the removal of the student from the UMKC residence halls for the best interest of other residents shall constitute grounds for the termination of the contract at the election of the University. If at any time during the period of the contract the University terminates the contract for cause, the student will be held responsible for the entire contract. If the University approves a request of the student to terminate the contract, the student will be billed according to the cancellation schedule. In addition thereto the student will be liable for all sums accruing to the University under the terms of the contract prior to the date of the termination. (B) In case of termination of the contract on account of involuntary entry into military service at any time, or on account of leaving the University at the close of the first semester after completing requirements for graduation, the contract will be ended without penalties.

Other Default Provisions

Resident will be in default if: (1) there are any grounds for termination of the contract as set forth in the preceding paragraph, (2) resident abandons the apartment, or (3) resident fails to perform any of his or her obligations hereunder or resident or resident's guest(s) violates this contract. If resident is in default, University may at its option terminate this contract by written notice to resident. Resident shall surrender possession of the apartment to University upon the date specified in such termination notice, and resident shall be liable to University for, and shall indemnify University against, all loss and other expenses (for re-letting, refurbishing, cleaning, or otherwise making the apartment suitable for re-letting) suffered or incurred by University as a result of resident's default and termination of this contract. Notwithstanding the commencement of a judicial eviction or dispossessory proceeding and the issuance and execution of a writ of possession on account of any default by resident, resident shall remain liable to University for all payments due under this contract, accrued through the date on which possession is obtained by University, and resident shall continue to be liable for all payments accruing thereafter until the earlier of the expiration of the lease term or the re-rental of the apartment. It is intended that University's remedies for a default hereunder shall be as broad as permitted under applicable laws and shall include, without limitation, (a) the right to terminate this contract, reserving the right to collect any unpaid rent and other payments; or (b) the right to rent the apartment for the account of resident, in which event the proceeds from subletting shall be applied first to the cost of subletting (including advertising and commissions), second, to the cost of repairing any damage to the apartment, and third, to resident's rental obligations hereunder, with resident remaining fully responsible for any deficiency in the contract obligations for the remainder of the lease term. The exercise of anyone remedy shall not be deemed exclusive of the right to collect rent and other payments, or of University's right to avail itself of any remedy allowed by law. In the event the Guide to Group Living or other terms incorporated by reference herein, now or hereafter enacted, prescribe warning and/or charges for certain actions of resident which may constitute violations of this contract, University may elect, in its sole discretion, to enforce the default and/or termination provisions contained herein or to enforce the provisions of the Guide or such other terms. In the event of a default by a resident hereunder, in addition to any other remedies, University is entitled to employ an attorney at law to enforce University's rights hereunder and all reasonable fees and cost connected therewith shall be paid by resident. University may report unpaid rent or other charges to the applicable credit reporting agencies for recordation in resident's credit record.

Notices and Additional Information

Resident shall, within five (5) days after occurrence, notify University, in writing, or any alleged violation by University of any of its obligations arising under this contract or otherwise. Failure of resident to give such notification in writing, within the time prescribed shall constitute a total and complete waiver of said alleged violation and shall not be asserted by resident as any grounds for nonperformance of resident's obligations under this contract. Owner has designated University as its agent for the purposes of managing and operating the facilities and for exercising any of owner's rights hereunder. Every notice or demand to owner, whether pursuant to this contract or otherwise, must be in writing and must be delivered by certified mail, Return Receipt Requested, to: UMKC Residential Life at the address set forth below. University may give resident notice by any method allowed by applicable law. Unless otherwise provided by law, notice for all management purposes shall be considered as having been given and complete on the date such notice is postmarked, placed in overnight delivery, telefaxed, or hand delivered to resident at the address of the unit. Notices for entry into the apartment may be posted on the entry door of the unit or suite if permitted by law.

UMKC Residence Hall contact information: Address questions about residence halls, charges and residence hall cancellations to: UMKC Residential Life Office, Oak Street Hall, room 2004, 5051 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64112-2499 or by phone at 816-235-8840

The University of Missouri requires all students living in UMKC student housing to provide a copy of their MMR immunization and their meningococcal immunization records, or complete either the exemption or waiver form to submit to the Residential Life Office.

Do you need assistance with a disability or special need? If so, establish a file with UMKC Services for Students with Disabilities, University Center, room 131, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110 or call 816-235-5696.




Meningitis Form

Immunization records

Submit a copy of immunization records to:
Residential Life Business Office
Oak Street Residence Hall
Room 2004
5051 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64112