Residential Life

Contracts and Check-In/Check-Out


To live in the residence halls/apartments, you must be a student enrolled full time for the duration of the contract period (residents of the apartments may be students of another local university, which UMKC will confirm with that school). Contracts are for the entire academic year, or from the effective start date to the end of the academic year. They do not include vacation periods (except in the apartments, which are open year-round).

If enrollment is terminated with the University, the contract is automatically terminated in accordance with the terms thereof. Releases from contracts are limited to those conditions stipulated in the contract and to the cases involving exceptional reasons, such as the following:

  • Approved leave of absence to fulfill academic requirements (e.g., for student teaching or internship - a letter from your academic division is required)
  • Study Abroad
  • Marriage (proof required)
  • Health (physicians confirmation letter is required)
  • Leaving UMKC (withdrawal slip from Registrar's Office required)

Releases from residence hall contracts are at the discretion of the Residential Life staff. "Release from Contract Request" forms are available from the Residential Life Coordinator in each building.

Check-In and Check-Out

Check-in and check-out procedures are very important. It is at these times that room damages are recorded. Please make sure that the room/apartment inventory sheet accurately states existing damages so you will not be charged when you check out. You have 24 hours after check-in to report damages to the Assistant Residential Life Coordinator and/or Residential Life Coordinator. You will receive a list of damages upon check out so you will know the cost of any damage. Failure to check out properly could result in the assessment of an improper checkout fee. Failure to turn in your room key and/or mailbox key will result in charges, as the locks will be changed. All damage appeals must be submitted within 30 days of closing to be considered. Proper procedures can be obtained from the Residential Life staff.


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