Residential Life

Emergency and Maintenance Information

Accident or Illness

You should report any serious illness or accident to your Resident Assistant/Apartment Living Assistant or the RA/ALA on call. The RA/ALA on call can be reached at the front desk of your complex. If an illness or accident prevents your return to the residence hall after a weekend or other period away from campus, you should notify your RA/ALA, the RA/ALA on call, and/or the Residential Life Coordinator.

UMKC has a Student Health and Wellness service located at 4825 Troost. An administrative assistant, a registered nurse and nurse practitioners staff the health service. There is no fee for students to be seen, although additional services may involve a charge. Available services include assessment of acute illness and treatment or referral as appropriate, health maintenance and preventive care. A small pharmacy is also located at the Center. For appointment, office hours or other information, visit their website or call 816-235-6133.

Dentistry also provides dental care in its clinic. UMKC students are eligible for discounts on some services, such as dental x-rays.

The University offers a student accident and sickness insurance plan. The Office of Student Involvement distributes information on this plan. Brochures, applications and claim forms may be picked up at the Office of Student Involvement in the University Center. The plan can be obtained within 30 days preceding the first day of classes.

Emergency Procedures

Any emergency call involving fire, police or ambulance should be made through a Residential Life staff person who is on duty. Contact the front desk of your living facility to contact a staff member on duty:

  • Oak Street: 816-235-8400
  • Johnson Hall: 816-235-2800
  • Oak Place: 816-235-5140

In the case of extreme emergency, the telephone number of the Campus Police is 816-235-1515. Do not call 911 since this may delay response time.

In cases of emergency, please contact one of the following (preferably in the order stated):

  • A Resident Assistant or Apartment Living Assistant: You may call your nearest RA/ALA or the desk attendant who will contact the RA/ALA on duty.
  • The Residential Life Coordinator or Assistant Residential Life Coordinator: The desk attendant can contact this staff member as well.
  • The Campus Police at 816-235-1515: Please call a staff member first unless the emergency is of an extreme nature that makes it impossible to do so.

Fire Procedures

Before entering a hallway, touch the door to feel if it is hot. If it is not hot, open the door slowly and check for intense smoke and heat.

If smoke and heat are intense, close door and remain in the room.

If smoke and heat are not intense, leave the room and walk down the hallway to nearest exit.

If exit cannot be used, use exit in opposite direction.

If normal exit is impossible, use the room window to signal to the Fire Department that you need assistance. Firefighters will soon help you. You may need to use a chair or other object to break window glass.

In Oak Street Hall, proceed to the sidewalk across the street (east), next to the soccer stadium and look to Residential Life staff for further direction. Do NOT go to the parking lot or garage north of the residence halls as this space will be needed for emergency vehicles.

In Johnson Hall, use the east and west stairwells and proceed to the north of the building toward Russell Stover's Corporate Offices. Do not use the center stairwell if possible.

In Oak Place Apartments North (100) building, residents should head to the east side of the building and use emergency stairwells to access Oak Street and head north towards Johnson Hall - DO NOT CROSS OAK STREET.

In Oak Place Apartments South (200) building, residents should head south towards Pizza 51 shops and out of the parking lot to make room for emergency vehicles - DO NOT CROSS OAK STREET.

Fire Codes and Safety

Whenever the UMKC code official shall find, in any University structure, dangerous or hazardous conditions or materials, the code official shall order such dangerous conditions or materials to be removed or remedied in accordance to code. Dangerous conditions liable to cause or contribute to the spread of fire are:

  • Obstructions to, or on, fire escapes, stairs, passageways, doors, or windows which are liable to interfere with the exit of occupants or the operation of the fire department in case of fire are prohibited.
  • Decorative materials shall be noncombustible or flame resistant. Light bulbs shall not be decorated with paper, scarves, or other combustible materials.
  • Halogen lamps are prohibited.
  • No materials (i.e.posters, burlap, fish netting, or any other materials) may be suspsended from the ceilings.
  • Decorations, furnishings and equipment impairing the visibility of exit signs are prohibited.
  • Blinds on windows are provided by UMKC. No other window coverings are allowed.

Special instructions for holidays and other decorations will be provided to the residents. These instructions must be followed.

Oak Place Apartments

Flammable Items

Items that are flammable, such as fuel and propane gas, may not be stsored on the premises, in resident's unit or bedroom, or any storage area.

Open Flames/Items which Produce Heat

Items which require an open flame to operate or which produce heat (e.g., Bunsen burners, lighted candles, alcohol burners, George Foreman grills) are not allowed.

Fire Alarms/Sprinklers

In the event residents are given procedures for fire alarms, residents and guests are required to adhere to all procedures. Residents are asked to consider fire and safety regulations when decorating. Residents and guests must not tamper with, interfere with, or damage any alarm equipment and/or installation. Residents acknowledge and hereby agree that it is important to be careful near fire sprinkler heads so as not to falsely trigger or activate them. If resident triggers or activates the fire sprinkler system without the danger of fire being present, resident will be responsible for all damages caused by the activation. Anyone found to falsely pull a fire alarm will be subject to criminal charges, a minimum fine of $300, and/or a default of the contract.

Room/Bathroom Cleanliness

Residents have the responsibility to keep their rooms reasonably clean. The bathroom should also be maintained at a healthy level of cleanliness so as to ensure the health and safety of all occupants of the suite. Failure to maintain standard cleanliness in the resident's room and/or bathroom could result in disciplinary measures.

Oak Place Apartments

Lavatories, sinks, toilets and plumbing apparatus shall be used by residents and resident's guests only for the purpose for which they are constructed. Sweepings, rubbish, rags, ashes, feminine products and other foreign substances shall not be thrown in any plumbing apparatus.


On the recommendation of the Missouri Health Department, the University of Missouri requires all students born after 1956 to show proof of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella. Due to the higher risk of an outbreak in a group-living situation, all students are required to submit an immunization record indicating dates of inoculation or physician-verified immunity. Should you object to immunization for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons, you may complete and sign a waiver form. Immunization records or a signed waiver are required to be on file with Residential Life before a resident may occupy the building. Questions should be directed to the Residential Life Business Office in 2004 Oak Street hall at 816-235-8840.

Pest Control

In any large group-living environment, control of insects is more difficult than in a single-family dwelling. The residence halls have a pest-control service that makes frequent visits to ensure adequate pest control.

If you find insects in your room and wish to have pest-control service, please fill out an online work order request. You will be notified as to when to expect a service visit.

Resident agrees to perform the tasks necessary to prepare the premises for extermination, including:

  1. remove obstructions on the day of service;
  2. remove contents from shelves and floors where pests have been seen;
  3. clean all cabinets, drawers, and closets in kitchen and pantry;
  4. do not wipe out cabinets after the treatment.

Resident is solely responsible for notifying Residential Life in writing prior to extermination of any anticipated health or other concerns related to extermination and the use insecticides. If the premises are not prepared for a scheduled treatment date, Residential Life has the right to prepare the premises and charge the resident accordingly. To help reduce the possibility of pests:

  • store all food in sealed containers
  • do not leave food or dirty dishes out
  • empty all cans and bottles and rinse them with water
  • remove trash immediately
  • do not leave windows or doors propped open allowing pests to enter


The locking system in the halls is designed for your safety and security. Stairwell doors lock automatically each time after opening. For your own security, keep your room door locked at all times. Do not admit strangers into the building, or into any wing, floor or room. The lobby doors are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These doors can be accessed with a valid University ID of a current resident of each building.

For your security, the following guidelines are suggested:

  • Always lock the door to your room, even when leaving for only a few minutes.
  • Don't leave valuables in public areas.
  • Don't keep large amounts of money in your room.
  • Develop a positive relationship with your suitemates and roommates in order to ensure that they are as vested as you in securing the room and suite.
  • Notify the Residential Life staff of any strangers or unaccompanied guests.
  • Do not prop open the outside doors or the stairwell doors.
  • Report any theft to a staff member and campus police as soon as it is discovered.
  • Bring a lockbox or small safe in which you can lock valuables.
  • Be sure that you have insurance on your property (i.e. parents' homeowners insurance or apartment renters' insurance). The University does not insure your personal belongings.
  • Never permit a stranger access to the buildings. Do not jeopardize your security or the security of others by propping open doors or holding the door open for a stranger.

Lobby and Breezeway Doors

The lobby and breezeway doors of Oak Street Hall, Johnson Hall and Oak Place Apartments are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All residents must use their swipe card to enter the main lobby entrance of the building in which they reside. Residential Life reserves the right to change the policies and procedures regarding exit and entry from the complexes at anytime for security/safety reasons.

Tornado Procedures

In case a tornado is sighted in the area, a staff member will provide directions. Please follow the instructions carefully.

You will be asked to proceed to the basement in an area without windows. If you have a flashlight or portable radio, you may wish to bring it with you. Oak Street Hall residents may proceed to the maintenance hallway on the 1st floor, or the 2nd floor of Honors in Oak. It is important to find an area without windows. Johnson Hall residents should proceed to the basement away from any windows.

Please remain in the designated area until you are told that it is safe to return to your room.

Work Orders

If something in your room or a public area in the Residence Halls is in need of attention or repair, please fill out an online work order.

Examples of items that should be requested include: problems with room furnishings, heat/AC, water leaks, window or mini blind issues, or problems with your bathroom/sink area. If your maintenance need is an emergency (i.e., flood, loss of power to your room, broken window, etc.), please contact the RA on call via the front desk instead of placing a work order.

If you have submitted a work order and have not received attention for several days after the request is made, please tell the Residential Life Coordinator or a staff member in the Residential Life business office so that they may follow up on your request.

Special Note:

If you have a clogged toilet, please go to the front desk, and they will give you a plunger. You are responsible for plunging the toilet first. If the problem persists, contact the front desk and report it.


Please only enter one maintenance request at a time. If you are experiencing more than one maintenance-related problem, they need to be reported on separate requests.

Work requests submitted after 4 p.m. during weekdays will not be reviewed until the following business day. Work requests entered during the weekend will not be reviewed until Monday morning. Work requests submitted on holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day. If your maintenance request is of an emergency nature, please report it to the front desk.

For internet or general computer problems, contact UMKC Information Services at extension 2000. Maintenance requests entered in this system for these types of services will not be addressed. You must contact the correct department to have problems with these special services repaired.

For lost room key/mailbox key please report this immediately to your RA or the front desk. Do not enter a work request for this issue.

If you have trouble accessing the system or other technical problems related to this system, please contact the Residential Life business office at 235-8840.


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