Residential Life

Staff and Residence Hall Council


Resident Assistants, Academic Assistants, Apartment Resident Assistants, Assistant Residential Life Coordinators, and Residential Life Coordinators are here to help you during your stay at UMKC. They are responsible for maintaining a climate that encourages growth, helping you adjust to group living situations, and aiding in the interpretation of policy.

In addition, the Resident Assistants, Academic Assistants, and Apartment Resident Assistants participate in the planning and implementation of various educational, athletic, and social/cultural activities.

As support to the operation of the complexes, three 24-hour reception desks are available to assist the residents. They are located on the main floor of both Oak Street and Johnson Halls, as well as the Oak Place Apartment complex. Campus police officers have a constant presence in Residential Life. These officers are dedicated to crime prevention and education. They work with the Residential Life staff on educational safety programming, facilities safety, and emergency response.

A trained staff of custodians and maintenance personnel are employed by the University to keep the residential facilities clean and in good order.

Residence Hall Council

Early in the fall, residents will have the opportunity to choose the community representatives they want for the Residential Housing Council (RHC). In addition, elections are held in early fall for the RHC executive board. These positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Chair, Food Chair, and Student Government Association (SGA) / Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) representatives.

These elected officials plan social, athletic and educational programs with the assistance of the Residential Life staff. They also participate in the formulation of rules and policies for the complexes. Members have the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences through the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). All residents living in Oak Street and Johnson Halls pay a nominal fee for the academic year to support the activities of the Residential Housing Council.


Oak Street Front Desk


Johnson Front Desk


Oak Place Front Desk




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