Residential Life


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All Residential Life facilities are equipped with a card access system. Only residents of a specific building and authorized staff are permitted access by swiping their ID card. Each of the two residence halls also staffs a 24-hour desk where everyone entering the building must also show their ID before proceeding.

What if I forget my ID Card and I’m locked out of my hall?

Exterior residence hall doors are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are locked out of the hall and forget your ID card, the front desk attendant will be able to give you access to the building. You will be asked to verify information from our verification rosters before proceeding further into the hall.

What if I lose my ID?

It is very important that you are in possession of your UMKC Student ID Card at all times. Your ID is a precious commodity.To avoid potential theft, NEVER lend it to anyone (even a friend) or leave it lying around.

If you lose your ID or think it has been stolen, you can report it online to the Information Desk in the University Center, or to your Residential Life Coordinator. Once you report the ID stolen or missing, the features to your missing card (door access, meal plan, etc.) will be terminated. You will need to purchase a new ID from the OneCard Office in the Student Union (room 410) and make sure all your previous features are reset.

What if I get locked out of my room?

Roommates should come to an agreement on locking their room door. Residential Life recommends locking the room door and carrying your key with you at all times, even if you plan to leave the room for just a moment.

If you are locked out of your room, go to the hall front desk. A UMKC or similar ID card must be presented to determine occupancy of a room. If your ID card is not available, you will be asked to provide personal information that will be checked against the verification roster. After one instance of needing a lock-out key, residents will be charged $15 for each additional use.

What if I lose my room key?

In order to ensure that your belongings are secure, you are urged to lock your room at all times. Students are not allowed to loan their keys or University IDs to anyone. Disciplinary action under the UMKC Residential Life Judicial Procedures may be taken if this occurs. It is not permissible for anyone, other than authorized UMKC personnel, to make a duplication of University keys. Loss of your room key will result in the assessment of a service charge to you to cover the cost of changing your lock.

Your student account will be billed for the replacement of any lost key. Room keys are $60, mailbox keys are $43.

How can I protect my personal belongings from theft?

First, keep your room door locked at all times, especially when you’re sleeping. Second, create a detailed, itemized list of the valuables in your room. Include brand names, model/serial numbers for electronics, original receipts and photos of your possessions. Keep the list and photos in a safe, secure place. If you are a victim of theft, this information will help UMKC Police identify your belongings if they are recovered.

The University assumes no responsibility for students’ personal belongings. Coverage through family homeowners insurance or from an independent insurance agent is strongly recommended. It is highly recommended that you make arrangements for property insurance prior to coming to live in the residence halls or shortly after moving in.

New students often are unaware that books are a valuable commodity on campus because they can be returned to the University Bookstore (receipt required) or sold to a private bookstore for cash. Keep track of your books and backpack at all times and NEVER leave books unattended in study areas such as lounges or the library. Keep your books and receipts separate. Books are especially vulnerable to theft during the first few weeks of school and finals week.

Is it safe to walk on campus at night?

We recommend students use common sense when walking around campus at night. Always walk with a friend on well-lit, well-traveled paths. If you are by yourself and need to return to the hall, call your roommate and see if a couple friends could meet you and return with you. If you are walking and feel that you are in danger or something doesn’t seem right, find an Emergency Phone (located across campus and identifiable by the blue light) and call UMKC Police. Give them your location and where you are headed, and an officer will be dispatched to your location.

What should I do if the fire alarm goes off?

If the fire alarm goes off, all students must vacate the building and meet at the designated meeting area for the hall, regardless of time of day or weather.

During a fire alarm, students should put on shoes, wear protective clothing and lock their door on the way out of the building. ALWAYS take the stairs; NEVER take the elevator.

Students must follow directions of staff members during the fire alarm and may return to the hall only after receiving the “all clear” from hall staff and fire department officials.

What if there’s a tornado warning?

If you hear the sirens, take cover immediately. If indoors, move away from windows and go to the basement or interior hallway on a lower floor. It is important to find an area without windows. Please remain in the designated area until you are told that it is safe to return to your room; avoid auditoriums or gymnasiums.