Residential Life

Move-In Parking

We're looking forward to having you on our campus this fall! In order to keep the day moving as smoothly as possible, we ask that you follow the schedule outlined for the day. We also ask that you follow the instructions for your appropriate move-in day when arriving on campus and parking/unloading your car:

Oak Place Move-In: Wednesday, August 15th

  1. Please double-check your apartment number assigned to you in Pathway. You will go directly to the garage and park on the level of your apartment (i.e., if you are in 302, you will park on the 3rd level of the garage).
  2. Check-in tables where you complete any paperwork and receive your keys will be at the east end of the garage on your floor. Please check in there before going to your apartment.
  3. You will be able to move into your apartment after completing your paperwork. The garage will be open through move-in day, but only permit holders will be able to park there past Friday.

6-Year Medical School Students, Oak Street Hall Move-In: Thursday, August 16th

  1. Please follow the schedule assigned by the Medical School as closely as possible. We will be moving in a large amount of you within a short period of time, and we will need to keep things moving as quickly as possible. If you cannot make your time, please plan to arrive after noon on that Thursday. We will be available to check you in until 5 p.m. that Thursday.
  2. Please plan to park in the Cherry Street parking garage to unload and move in to Oak Street Hall. There are elevators available within the garage in the middle on the south side by the walkway and on the southwest corner, and a walkway over to Oak Street Hall from the 5th level.

Oak Street and Johnson Residence Halls Move-In: Friday, August 17th

  1. If you are moving into Johnson, you may pull into the Johnson driveway and unload on the right side of the driveway in the unloading zone. Unload, then quickly move your car to one of the long-term parking areas noted on the map. We have limited space for students to unload, so it is important that you move your car as quickly as possible after unloading. You may park on the lower levels of the new Cherry Street parking garage (entrances on Oak, Cherry and 50th Street). We will have volunteers there to help you move your stuff. No cars may be left unattended in the unloading zone.
  2. If you are moving into Oak Street, you may park in the new Cherry Street parking garage (entrances on Oak, Cherry, and 50th Street). Please park on or near the 5th level, where there is access to the walkway over to Oak Street Hall. It may be easiest to enter the garage from Cherry for those parking on the upper levels. There are elevators available in the parking garage if you cannot park directly on the walkway level. Please reserve lower levels for Johnson Hall parking. We will have volunteers there to help you move your stuff.
  3. Please do not park or unload in the driveway directly in front of Oak Street Hall. This area is reserved for students and/or family with disabilities needing close access.
  4. Please do not park in the MRI or Russell Stover parking lots. Those lots are for their employees only.
  5. Students should go into the lobby of Johnson or Oak Street to check in and make sure all paperwork has been completed, then they will proceed to their floor to receive their key and other information.
  6. There will be a limited number of carts available for move-in, so please plan to pack as lightly as possible to keep the move-in process moving quickly.