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Following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Move-in Day. This information is primarily for Oak Street and Johnson Residence Halls. If you have other questions, contact us at or 816-235-8840.

Housing assignment FAQs

Housing assignments

When will I receive my assignment?

You will receive your housing assignment on Pathway. Your assignment will include your room number, hall, your roommate's contact information and information about your suitemates.

What if I don't like my assignment?

All students will have the opportunity to sign up for another space during the "Roommate Swap Season," three weeks after the halls open.

Where can I find details about my hall?

To read details about the residence hall you will be living in, visit the main Residential Life page and click on your hall. Each page provides a list of amenities and a general description of the halls.

How can I contact my roommate?

Your roommate's name and contact information are available with your assignment.

Parking and unloading zones

Parking and unloading zones

You should expect a lot of traffic around the residence halls when you arrive during move-in. Follow the posted signs and UMKC Police Department directions to reach your assigned hall. THERE IS NO PARKING ALLOWED IN THE UNLOADING ZONES.

Please keep in mind that many residents will be unloading and moving in at the same time. Blocking drives is a traffic violation, and you will be asked to move immediately. DO NOT pull up in a handicap space, onto a sidewalk, or onto the grass to unload. Vehicles in fire lanes or spaces for people with disabilities (without permit), on the grass, or blocking driving lanes will be ticketed.

It is not possible to accommodate everyone's vehicle in the unloading zone closest to the building (you won't be able to back up to the front door). Plan to unload your items onto the sidewalk or grass as near the building as possible and move your vehicle immediately after it's unloaded to make room for another vehicle to unload.

Plan to wait for elevators for your heavier loads and use the stairs as much as possible for lighter loads. This proven method will help you, your family, and your future neighbors move in as quickly as possible!

August in Missouri is typically hot, so plan breaks and be sure to drink water. Water will be available during move-in. Residential Life staff appreciates your compliance with the above unloading and parking procedures. Following these rules helps the move-in process go more smoothly for you and all residents.

Move-in FAQs

Can I come early?

Only students participating in a specific activity or program are allowed to check in early. Please make sure that you receive approval for early arrival before arriving — not all applications are approved.

What do I need to check in?

Students must be present to check in. Please ask your family members to remain in the vehicle in a designated unloading zone outside while you check in at your hall. Check in before you start unloading.

Where do I get my key?

You will receive your room key when you check in. Be sure to lock your door each time you leave your room unattended. It's usually a good idea to keep one family member in the room and one outside with your stuff until everything is moved in.

Is there an elevator in my hall?

Our halls do have elevators. Remember, they will be crowded, so take as many items as possible up through the stairwells. Plan to take your heaviest items and dolly/luggage cart on the elevator and lighter items on the stairs. Please do not overload the elevators. Halls will have limited laundry carts available for students use during move-in. Check with the hall desk for information when you arrive.

Will someone help me move into my room?

It's a good idea to bring helpers with you, such as parents, siblings and friends to help the process go more smoothly. A minimal amount of dollies and carts will be available.

Can I move some things into my room before check-in?

Due to security and logistical reasons, you will not have access to your room before you check in.

Can I ship things to either hall before I am scheduled to arrive?

The residence hall desks cannot accept any deliveries for you before you check in. For that reason, plan your shipping time carefully. Make sure the carrier you choose will hold your luggage or packages until you arrive.

How do I take room inventory?

When you check in, you will receive a pink copy of your Room Inventory Form. These inventories are filled out prior to your move-in date by a hall staff member. The Room Inventory Forms provide a detailed (i.e., three nail holes in south wall) written record of everything that would be considered "damage" to the room, such as scratches on finishes, paint condition, any marks or paint on the ceiling, etc.

The first thing you should do after entering your room is to access the condition of the room. Any additional damages not recorded need to be noted by you, the student, on the pink copy and returned to the Residential Life Coordinator or Assistant Residential Life Coordinator within 24 hours of move-in. Hall staff will check your room condition against the information on this form during check-out, so it's in your best interest to report any additions within the permitted time frame to avoid damage charges when you move out.

How should I hang posters on the wall?

You can only use thumbtacks to hang posters on the wall of your room. Other sticky substances will leave an oily residue or pull up the paint upon removal and will result in damage charges. Residents may not puncture the room walls with nails, or other instruments that will cause larger damage. Ceiling decorations of any kind are also not permitted (this includes tacks, screws, adhesive stars & moons, etc.)

Can I loft my bed?

Beds may be lofted using the supplied hardware only. All other lofts are not permitted. Loft components will be available during the check-in period and throughout the year on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who loft their beds must also un-loft their beds upon checking out of the room.

Can furniture be removed from the room and replaced with my own?

Room furniture is University property and must remain in your assigned room during the entire contract period. Removal of such is considered theft and is subject to disciplinary action under the UMKC Residential Life Judicial Procedures, in addition to the general Standard of Conduct for students. That said, you may bring additional pieces of furniture to your room, such as armchairs or small sofas, as long as they don't obstruct exits (doors and windows).

How do I hook up my computer and Ethernet?

In order to prepare your computer for Ethernet access, make sure all hardware, software and security programs are up-to-date. Use an Ethernet cord (available at most retail locations, including the UMKC bookstore) to plug into the jack. There is no additional cost for Ethernet, and wireless is available in all residence hall common areas. There will also be someone from UMKC Information Services available at move-in to help with any questions you might have.

Is there storage available in the halls?

No, storage is not available in the halls. You must keep your belongings and all student room furniture in your room. If you brought too much with you, you will need to send extra stuff home or arrange for other storage.

How can I handle potential conflict with my roommate?

We've created a list of worthwhile tips for avoiding, handling and resolving roommate conflict.


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August 16, 2013 (residence halls)

August 14, 2013 (apartments)

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