Residential Life

Maintenance work orders

If something in your room or a public area in the residence halls is in need of attention or repair, please fill out an online work order. Verbal requests, or requests not on work orders, may not be honored.

Examples of items that should be requested include:

  • Problems with room furnishings
  • Heat/AC
  • Water leaks
  • Window or mini-blind issues
  • Kitchenettes on each floor
  • Problems with your bathroom/sink area

Special note

If you have a clogged toilet, please go to the front desk and they will give you a plunger. You are responsible for plunging the toilet first. If the problem persists, contact the front desk and report it.

If you have submitted a work order and have not received attention for several days after the request is made, please tell the Residential Life Coordinator or one of the administrative assistants so that they may follow up on your request.

Please only enter one maintenance request at a time. If you are experiencing more than one maintenance-related problem, they need to be reported on separate requests.

Work requests submitted after 3 p.m. during weekdays will not be reviewed until the following day. Work requests entered during the weekend will not be reviewed until Monday morning. Work requests submitted on holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day. If your maintenance request is of an emergency nature, please report it to the front desk.


If your maintenance need is an emergency (i.e. flood, loss of power to your room, broken window, etc.), please contact the RA on-call via the front desk instead of placing a work order.

Computer problems

For internet or general computer problems, contact UMKC Information Services at extension 2000. Maintenance requests entered in this system for these types of services will not be addressed. You must contact the correct department to have problems with these special services repaired.

Lost keys

For lost room key/mailbox key, please report this immediately to your RA or the front desk. Do not enter a work request for this issue.

Lofting kits

A work order should be put in if you would like a lofting kit brought to your room. Maintenance will leave it outside your door. It is your responsibility to loft the bed. Rubber mallets can be check out from the front desk. If you need assistance lofting your bed do not put in a work order, we encourage you to have a friend help or ask you RA.


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