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Benefits | FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Process Overview

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Process Overview

  1. On the third day of absences or upon request, a supervisor should assess the need for the possible need for FMLA-related absences. Keep in mind that absences for the flu or colds can sometimes be longer. These would not typically qualify for FMLA.

    • Keep in mind if the employee or eligible family member is going to be seeking continued treatment from a health care provider.
    • Absences can be taken on an intermittent or part-time basis. These typically relate to an ongoing or chronic condition where an individual may need to be away for things such as physical therapy, chemotherapy or dialysis. (This list is not inclusive of all situations, contact Human Resources for clarification.)
  2. Department Human Resource Facilitator or Supervisor will notify HR FMLA representative via e-mail or call of the need to mail packet to the employee. (Please verify the address. Many times people relocate temporarily to care for another family member or to receive care themselves.)
  3. If an employee contacts HR directly, a packet will be mailed or picked up and the HRF notified via e-mail. If a supervisor contacts HR directly, the packet will be mailed and the HRF will be notified via e-mail.
  4. Employee is sent:
    • Letter regarding leave status and required actions
    • Acknowledgment document
    • Physician certification form
    • If this form is returned to the department, it should be forwarded to HR. No copies regarding medical condition should be kept in the employee departmental file.
    • Business-reply envelope
    • HR 407 Policy Family Medical Leave Act and HR 407 Questions and Answers
    • HR 408 Leaves of Absence Policy and HR 408 Questions and Answers
  5. Department HR contact is sent:
    • Copy of the letter regarding status and required actions
  6. Transaction logged in PS
  7. Acknowledgement form should be signed by HRF or supervisor. If HR receives the form without signature, it will be forwarded to the appropriate HRF.
  8. All other documents are typically returned to HR. The exception to this may be the “release to return to work”. Since the person is bringing it back upon their return, he/she typically gives it to the supervisor. This must be forwarded to HR along with any medical documentation.
  9. Department currently does not process a Personal Action Form (PAF) for any leave under 30 days nor is one processed for intermittent leaves. This must be done whether or not someone has balances in his/her vacation sick leave accruals. Do not wait until sick leave or vacation is depleted.

    If the paid portion and unpaid portion of a leave is over 30 days combined, complete a PAF for the paid portion, submit a second PAF for LOA (unpaid portion, effective the first date in unpaid status.) These should be submitted to HR at the same time.

  10. If the FMLA is related to a worker’s compensation injury, the process remains the same. The provider’s certification and a fitness for duty certification will be provided by the worker’s compensation physician.
  11. Any questions or clarifications can be directed to the HR FMLA representative.

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