Human Resources

Exiting the University

Below, you will find many resources that can help ease your transition as you end your journey at UMKC. These resources include: The UMKC Exit Survey, helpful campus resources and general information.

Please contact your employee relations representative or HR Facilitator with any questions you may have. We are here to assist you however we can to ensure that your departure from the university is as smooth as possible. Thank you for your service!

Exiting the University


Additional Resources

Retiree Resources

Retiree Benefit Handbooks and References

Retirement Planning Forms and Checklist

Retiree Forms

Voluntary Retiree Plans

Please contact your benefits representative for additional information.



Layoff Resources

Employee Layoff Resource Guide

Transition Assistance Program

Transition Assistance Program Questions & Answers

Transition Assistance Payment Agreement & Release Form

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