Human Resources


Job Title and Compensation Project

As you know, the University of Missouri is currently engaged in a Job Title and Compensation Project to review the classification and compensation of administrative titles at the university. This project was piloted with the Student Support Services job family, and it was approved and implemented effective December 1, 2011.

In January 2012, it was announced that the next job family to be addressed was the Office Administration/Support job family, encompassing jobs that perform clerical and administrative duties in support of the various functions and services of the university.

We have completed evaluating the Office Administration/Support job family and have completed almost all of the job families now.

The complete list of job families, in the order of evaluation, are:

Student Support Services

Office Administration/Support

Craft, Service, Maintenance

Business Administration

Research & Engineering




Information Technology



Each family that is completed will have a link to a list of the titles in that group.

The next family to be evaluated appears in bold font.  As this project progresses, this page will be updated, and the family will be linked to the titles that were included.


If you have questions concerning this project, please contact Jane Allen, Jill Reyes, or Carol Hintz.