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Job Classification Process – New Administrative Position

  1. Determine if the desired position is an academic, student or administrative position.
  2. If the position is a new academic or student position, complete the electronic form on the "New Position" tool on the HR Intranet under "On Demand" tools.  You will receive a spreadsheet via email with the position information you requested along with the new position number. 
  3. If the position is administrative, the immediate manager/supervisor should complete the Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ) form, being as detailed as possible when describing the job duties and responsibilities.
  4. Attach an organizational chart.
  5. The Human Resources Facilitator (HRF) for each area will assist the immediate manager/supervisor or designee to obtain the appropriate signatures of the supervisor, department head/chair, dean or director and appropriate vice chancellor or provost BEFORE submitting to HR.
  6. Return ALL of the following to HR (campus mail AC 226):
    • Completed and signed PCQ
    • Copy of additional job description, if available
    • Organizational chart of department showing position being reviewed
  7. After receiving all documentation, the Human Resources classification and compensation analyst may schedule a meeting with the supervisor to review the PCQ and new job description.
  8. A written recommendation from Human Resources is sent to the HRF for the department.
  9. After receiving Notification of Approval signed by HR, the next step is to recruit for the open position. See Recruitment on the HR Web site for more information on the recruiting process.

Compensation Contact

Jane Allen

Senior Human Resources Specialist