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Compensation | Job Classification Process – Reclassify Existing Administrative Position

Job Classification Process – Reclassify Existing Administrative Position

  1. A job reclassification review is to be initiated when job duties and responsibilities have either increased or decreased substantively.
  2. Complete the Position Classification Questionnaire form.
    Vacant or filled positions: the immediate manager/supervisor or designee completes the PCQ, keeping in mind that the questions are about the requirements of the job and the responsibilities that are typically required of the job.
    Supervisors should not release any information regarding title or pay changes to an employee before the classification process is completed and the recommendation has been formally approved.
  3. The Human Resources Facilitator (HRF) for each area will assist the immediate manager/supervisor or designee to obtain the appropriate signatures of the supervisor, department head/chair, dean or director and appropriate vice chancellor or provost BEFORE submitting to Human Resources.
  4. Return ALL of the following to the Human Resources Compensation contact (campus mail AC 226):
    • A fully completed and signed PCQ
    • A copy of the previous job description or copy of current job duties, if available
    • The organizational chart for the department or unit that shows the subject position.
  5. After receiving all documentation, the Human Resources compensation analyst may schedule a job audit with the incumbent to review the information provided on the questionnaire. The analyst may also meet with the supervisor to obtain additional information as necessary.
  6. If approved, a Notification of Approval will be sent electronically and in hard copy format to the HRF and/or the supervisor. If the reclassification is not recommended, the Human Resources compensation contact will have additional communication with the HRF and others as deemed necessary.
  7. The initiating manager/supervisor and or designee communicates the decision to the employee and works with the HRF to submit a completed Personnel Action Form to HR for processing changes to the employee record.