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Conflict is a normal part of human interaction. The University of Missouri- Kansas City counts on all employees to work together cooperatively to ensure the successful mission of the University. The University also recognizes that employees will sometimes experience workplace conflict which, if unresolved, is detrimental to the employee and the University.

Avoiding conflict is often the easiest way to deal with it. It does not, however, make it go away. Rather it pushes the conflict underground, only to have it resurface in a new form. By actively resolving conflict when it occurs, we can create a more positive and more productive work environment for everyone.

UMKC Human Resources is committed to creating a positive work environment characterized by treating each other fairly with respect and dignity.

Services Provided


UMKC Employee Relations is available to work with employees, supervisors and departments to facilitate formal or informal discussions in order to clarify issues and restore productivity.

Individual Assessment

The Conflict Dynamics Profile is a powerful assessment instrument that helps supervisors and employees deal with conflict behaviors in the workplace. This useful assessment will allow supervisors and employees to  effectively identify and correct destructive behaviors in the workplace. In addition, this profile also successfully identifies your "hot buttons", which allows for more effective responses to stimuli/situations that drive us over the edge.

We can assist your department by facilitating the administration, delivery and interpretation of the Conflict Dynamics Profile and can administer either the CDP-I (Individual Assessment) and the CDP-360 (360-degree assessment).


For more information, please contact your employee relations representative.


Training and Development

Conflict Resolution training and development is offered throughout the year for employees and supervisors. We focus on ways supervisors can work with their employees to resolve conflict in the workplace as well as how employees can effectively deal with conflict inter-departmentally.


MyLearn opportunities are also available 24/7 at no cost to all University employees.


Please visit UMKC training and development to register for a pre-scheduled class or contact UMKC Employee Relations for conflict resolution training.

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